Business Plan Fundamentals

(And, Do you Really Need a Business Plan?)


The business plan can be a great way to conceptualize, communicate, plan and create your business venture. It can also help you focus your efforts, monitor your results, and adjust your business for changing market conditions. However, the business plan could also be a collosal diversion and waste of your most precious asset -- Time!

So, in this class, we will start with the basic question -- Do you need a Business Plan or Not? The answer depends on your particular circumstances and your objectives. Some entrepreneurs will need an extensive busines plan, some will need no plan at all, and some will need to articulate only specific components of the business plan.

The class will be useful for existing small business owners and budding entrepreneurs who are seeking capital, developing ideas into new ventures, or guiding/growing/saving their existing enterprise. We will discuss: (1) The narrative and financial components of a business plan, (2) Why business plans are critical to seeking and obtaining capital for your business, (3) How to develop and communicate an actionable plans for product development, operations, sales and marketing, hiring, and finance, and lastly (4) What key financial statements are necessary for a business plan and what those financial statements tell the reader.


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Entrepreneurship Educator & Advisor
Mr. Hash is a Certified Entrepreneur Educator and Advisor with the Texas State Small Business Development Center. He has a three-pronged business career including corporate management, small business ownership, and higher education. Ron has 24+ years experience overseeing Finance, Operations, Business Development, and Information Technology for medium and large sized corporations, including Price Waterhouse and Dun & Bradstreet. Additionally, Mr. Hash has owned and operated several small businesses on the East Coast with family for the past 18 years, and they are still the largest car-wash operators on the east end of Long Island, New York. Ron has earned Bachelor’s degrees from Virginia Tech and North Carolina State University; along with Master’s degrees from Duke University and Texas State University. He holds Certificates in Non-Profit management, Public Accountancy, Professional Ethics, and Business Advising. Ron’s specialty is advising CEO’s on Future-Oriented Business Strategy and Tactics which integrate sales and marketing, production/operations, and financial management.