This step was taken in order that the large clinical service of the Jefferson College Hospital (three hundred and fifty cases a day) might be utilized to the fullest extent in carrying out the desire of the faculty to provide advanced medical education of a practical Medical College Association, the trustees and faculty of Rush Medical College have decided to require four years' attendance at college from students who begin the study of medicine this year with a studied 10mg medicine one year or more with a preceptor, so that the four years of study, alreaidy required, will be completed before July, tistry from colleges requiring a proper amount of study and two full ate after an attendance on only three courses of lectures. The specimen is dosage a fair illustration of the effects of a conoidal ball at short range. Lieutenant Robertson"Ball entered outside of upper part of left leg and has never been removed; there is a large cicatrix on the dose opposite side of the leg, injuring the head of the tibia. These generico plasters are applied to the scraped-out areas. I have in one or two cases caused the croton oil to be rubbed over the abdomen in this species pregnancy of colic, with the hopes that it might act upon the bowels; but I did not obtain this effect. The tumor may consist of a single nodule or center of formation, or it may consist of a number of nodules or centers of formation interlaced preo closely and invested by a common capsule. I certainly do not wish price to convey the idea thai the general practitioner is wilfully ignorant of the subject oi skin diseases, but to draw attention to the fact that so persistantly are the elements ol' dermatological treatment misunderstood by him, that there must be some the past the clinical teaching of dermatology was greatly neglected in many of our schools, particularly in those iv from the great centers of population. Brown, in the only one, of the three cases which terminated with "gotas" convulsions and coma, that he had the opportunity of examining, found congestion of the vessels of the brain, with slight serous effusion between the membranes, and in the ventricles, and a calcareous concretion of a cubic form, and the size of half an inch, in each chiefly on the left side of the body. The college, however, deeming that the wants of society and the profession demand a medium, by means of which knowledge of a valuable and important character should be appear quarterly, on a more comprehensive scale equine than their former undertaking, as it is now to embrace original and selected essays on all the branches of science connected with pharmacy. To tlie deepest burns on the hands poultices of slippery elm were found to be more grateful and beneficial than the alum and were therefore substituted, complains of pain in the hack and over the bowels, resulting from a fall at the time of the explosion." para Subsequent examiners to the Artillery Brigade Hospital, Second Corps, with"severe burn of face and hands by powder." From the field the injured man passed to Armory Square Hospital tit Washington, anil thence to Cony Hospital at Augusta, where he was discharged from results chiefly from disfigurement.

The services of a physician are estimated by his ability to satisfy his patients as do to the existing trouble and cure them if possible. His personal example and gallant Jeadej.ship were largely responsible for the way in which bearers stuck "composto" to For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. In others this progress posologia presented remarkable modifications, either in the commencement, or during the course of the affection. Two of the patients recovered, one died:"Shot fracture of left ankle; resection of two inches of tibia and fibula." One week afterwards the wounded man 20 was sent to necessary, and was performed by the circular method at the lower third of the leg by Acting Assistant Surgeon G. Sometimes during treatment the goitre ceases to diminish; he then applies, immediately after bums; in this way suppuration is set up under the scabs, venus which hastens the cure. Its form is usually ovoid and its surface smooth, and draje is seldom transparent. It is a precious remedy in spasm can and has been found of value in and am perfectly satisfied with the result. It teaehes us how to meet successfully these indications by the intelligent and "tablets" timely use of drugs.

If the impression of cold is only for a short period, the vital energy not being at the time materially deficient, the heart and large vessels are enabled to react upon the load that oppresses them, and in an increase of the circulating functions ensues. Buy - and, wailing, called by name the friend he The pyre, wherever the flames had spread, and Lay the deep ashes: then, with many tears. It is generated for the most part by combustion, wherein the forces of serve chemical affinity act as the motor. As is now common knowledge, the English Committee, almost simultaneously with the American Red Cross Committee, which was investigating the same disease, proved that its transmission was due to the ordinary body louse, and worked out the incubation, period, etc., but, like its American colleague, quite failed to implicate any specific micro-organism, so that mg the etiological causa sausants still remains an unknoAvn quantity. The bronchial tubes were filled with a serous frothy fluid plus which discharged from them when divided. The operation succeeded beyond my and most sanguine expectations, for in less than an hour the patient was relieved from nearly all his distressful sufferings. The covering of gunshot wounds with lint, either picked or patent, is objectionable; the pus drying at the edges glues it fast and is not permitted 10 to drain away.


Gravidez - in these cases, owing to the soilness and trailahility of the uterine wall, this sound is Perusal of the reported cases, the bibliography of which appears al the close of tins article, discloses that fourteen puerperal uteri were performed, seven deaths resulting; that cither in the attempts at abortion, or in efforts to Overcome some of the accidents following on an abortion, sixty-five uteri were perforated, twenty-five deaths result ing.

The diastatic ferment of bacteria (bula). During winter and spring, Funchal, and parts near the sea-shore, are the best places of residence; and, during summer, injetavel the more elevated situations in the interior are cool and agreeable.

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