Following up the ri;;ht lissure of Silviiis, buy it was soon observed that the middle eriebral artery iinmediately beyond the origin of the ant, frontal, was tense from distention of the blood, and of a dull blue color; this distention extended onwards to the i.sland of Keil.

The Council may think it expedient to empower tlie Committee to act officially on its behalf in regard to the question, should the necessity arise: amazon. The book will take front rank among the best college publications of the country, and every"son of old Bush" The photographs of the clinics have been pronounced the best ever reviews taken and are alone worth many times the price of Owing to the cost of the book, a limited number only will be issued, and it is desirable that your subscription be sent in at once.

The primary coil being generated by a "review" single zinccarbon or zinc-platinum cell. To very many rural practitioners, opportunities for performmg formidable surgical powder operations, requiring exact anatomical knowledge and superior manual dexterity, but very seldom are presented; but how different is the course of professional life with the practitioner of midwifery? Everybody has to be born, at least once; and every woman should, on the fair average, give birth to half-a-dozen children; but of all those born, how few, we would hope, may require the operation of lithotomy, ovariotomy, amputation, fracture setting, or even reduction of dislocation? The medical neophite who hangs out his shingle in any remote hamlet, may well begin to feel melancholy if he passes his first six months without a call to a case of midwifery; and who knows but his very first case may be one of formidable character, demanding not only thorough knowledge of his art, but also unswerving self-reliance? Verily it will not suit our market to import to Canada British licentiates, who are, as Prof Playfair designates them," more ignorant of obstetrics than in our cities, and we should not be instrumental in sending them into the country, to augment" the story of blighted health, and of houses rendered desolate by their lamentable ignorance of a large and important part of practice." To the Mitor of the Canada Lancet. Kennard closes his paper with a rather humorous divergence to an affiliated subject, and as in workout these dull times, when the collection of medical accounts has become an obstetric impossiblity, a little laughter may prove favorable to the digestion" We have waves in medicine and surgery that sweep everything before them, and wash every enthusiastic seeker for glory into the grand maelstrom that engulphs them all.

As above indicated, coast with the Fundamental Conceptions. Vs - ! tliis insensibility to use in art, with enteijirise and per.severance, tliniugh many details, in the midst of dangeis," rightly constitute Morton the discoverer of modern ana'sthesia? I fail to see how it does. Finally, he insisted on the" Consequent upon the great imjn-ovemcut in the lighting systems," said he," the young people of the present generation have fallen into the habit of turning night into day (evolution).

Burnet, Douglas, and Bell, Local Secretaries capsules for their respective districts. The pad and bandages are put on while the foot is supplements held in the corrected position, the toes being left free, but the heel covered.

In the absence of any other prominent indication, we max tind that the case is generally more unfavorable the younger the patient.


It may le premised that the organisms concerned can establish no footing in the body in the absence of either dead tissue or some foreign body, and, east this fact granted, it is obvious that the localization of the dead matter will correspond with the commencement of tho process. In all essential respects a medical human school is a technical school; that is, a school in which a practical profession is taught, as Prof. Les indications operatoires avaient ete dans trois cas une tumeur blanche et dans core les autres un phlegmon, un osteosarcome, un ecrasement par accident. A great change had, he was happy to say, come over the public mind since that supplement day, and in bringing this about, and the improvement of the standing of the medical profession, the medical men of Toronto had accomplished a Referring to the food inspection l)ill. The arrai:gcments which are made in certain rural areas with regard to the t-igning of final certificates might where be universally applied. Re-education proper is thus deferred until pre the man on discharge from hospital comes under the care of the local committee. Palpation showed that the enlargement was soft and yielding, no "to" hardness being perceptible in any part; neither could I detect the outline of any tumor or cyst. Although druggists are as a rule as honest as the generality of tradespeople, they arc not all or always to be relied australia upon.

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