Building A Visible and Successful Brand Online

Melding your unique brand with social entrepreneurship.


As brands take their products/services to the web, there are many mistakes that will be made. Too many think that traditional media easily translates into the online world, and that users can be marketed to the same way. This discussion will share with you the ways to circumnavigate the pitfalls, find communities of loyal fans and how to increase your brands identity and reputation by listening, participating, and caring. All this through direct experience in building a branded podcast and vidcast now attracting international attention.


Be ready with your own ideas as I enjoy making the audience a part of my presentation by incorporating your ideas, and questions. My goal is to inspire, motivate, and hopefully provide direction for what you're doing or have been wanting to do, and I enjoy making myself readily available for conversation.
Executive Producer / Co-Host
LUIS SANDOVAL, JR is a communications professional currently representing Gray Web Technology + Design, a small creative firm in San Antonio, TX and also serves as a community leader for new media. He's has been a part of the "camp" movement to increase awareness and develop a strong community of like minded individuals to learn and share their knowledge. PodCamp, BarCamp, SocialMediaCamp, and AccessCamp are just a few of the camps that Luis has attended spoken at. He is credited by putting on the 2nd FreelanceCamp in the nation, 1st in the state of Texas to promote diverse revenue streams, increase exposure for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and independent business owners. Luis is an international blogger for eight websites to include topics involving media, entertainment, business, and marketing. He is Co-host of podcast and internet broadcast show, Tech in Twenty, and is also Co-Founder of Social Media Club, an international organization set up to merge social engagement concepts and tools with businesses, nonprofits, and educational institutions