Building a Resilient Startup - Entrepreneur Panel and Group Discussion

Hear from startup execs that have been through the fire.


Join mentors and entrepreneurs from Tech Ranch Austin as we discuss building a resilient startup. Resilient startups are able to harness processes and tools to move more efficiently from idea to launch to revenue than traditionally launched ventures.

During Session 3, we will host a panel discussion with founders from 4 of Austin's leading resilient startups. They will discuss the practical steps they have taken to accelerate their ventures in the challenging economic client.

Scheduled to be on the panel:

Matt Cohen - Founder and CEO of OneSpot.
Suaad Sait - Co-Founder of Workstreamer.
Andy Salo - Founder and CEO of Yigdigs.
Aruni Gunasegaram - Serial entrepreneur and director at ATI.
Naveed Lalani - Co-Founder of Piryx.


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