Branding The Venture: Launch & Sustaining

Do I need to think about advertising?


Entrepreneurs are advised to explore their relationship with the concept and practice of advertising in a 21st century marketplace. Exploring conventional media as well as social networks is part of this discussion as well as understanding the value a BRAND brings to the venture.


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Early in his career Professor Burns served as director of marketing for the Systems & Research Division of Honeywell Inc.; and head of the Environmental Stress Branch of the US Navy's Air Crew Equipment Laboratory working on the Project Mercury, Gemini and Apollo Team Professor Burns was senior partner, headed new business and the Research and Account Planning Department at Carmichael Lynch, Inc. from 1986 to 1997. He joined the agency in 1986 when Carmichael Lynch and The Burns Group combined their resources and built an agency with a national reputation for their work on major American brands – among them Mack Truck, Sam Adams, Brown Foreman Brands, American Standard, Rollerblade, 3M and Harley- Davidson. Burns has published more than 75 rather arcane articles and papers and his work, and that of the agency, has been honored with dozens of advertising awards. When the partners sold Carmichael Lynch to the Interpublic Group (IPG) Burns accepted the offer of a tenured professorship from the University of Texas at Austin. At the University Dr. Burns is the founder and director of the Advertising Department's graduate school account planning program. He has served as director of the Center for Brand Research since 2002. In 2006 the Austin Advertising Federation recognized his accomplishments and named him Educator of The Year. Dr. Burns serves as a consultant to several high tech and consumer oriented firms and collaborates regularly regarding strategic plans for University advertising case clients in addition to co-authoring the Burns-Hauser blog and a book (in preparation) on experiential advertising and branding.