RISE held a Fastpitch competition for the first time this year. The Fastpitch is a 60 second elevator pitch in which an entrepreneur tells about his startup in a succinct fashion. I often meet entrepreneurs who tell me they cannot describe their business in less than 30 minutes or more. I ask the entrepreneur why he would spend 30 minutes telling someone about his company if that person had no interest or couldn’t help in any way. In other words, give a fastpitch, check interest and then spend 30 minutes telling your story. That way you don’t waste anyone’s time – in particular your own.

A good fastpitch covers the following points:
Your name
Your company name
The problem you are solving
The solution you offer
The competitive advantage
The target market and size
What you are seeking–e.g. funding

The participants this year included:
John Dauernheim Allfr8
Robert Larkin Daily Juice
Marita Mirzatuny Environmart
Steve Barcik Firefly
Richard Haines FRH Consumer Services
Brendan Coffey Heatgenie
Barry Beverly Innovate Wireless health
Mark Ferguson Inspired Fuels
Jason Aramburu re:char

Steve Barcik of Firefly won the judging contest and took home a $1000 prize. I want to thank the judges, the participants, and the RISE founders—Bertrand and Roy Sosa—for their support of this event-- the first of many more to come.

Best regards,
Hall T.