Dear RISE participants,

We are supporting the 2010 Texas Funding Symposium, on April 21st at the Norris Conference Center located at 2525 West Anderson Lane. We believe it will deliver the kind of information our entrepreneurs throughout the state need for funding their businesses and give you the opportunity to make some valuable connections with investors.

We encourage you to attend – and you get a 10% discount off of registration at when you enter the following code: FS7761

The event is designed to provide high-impact growth strategies for owners and senior executives of small and medium sized businesses – the foundation of our local economy. The symposium will feature a number of informative presentations including:
• Preparing for an investor
• Valuation, securities, term sheets and other legal issues
• Lessons learned from entrepreneurs
• How to pitch your deal to Angels and VCs
• What programs are available for funding?

The conference has attracted a distinguished roster of speakers and panelists and has secured a prominent Keynote presentation from Frank Peters, of, an active angel investor in early stage companies since 1999. Frank will interview Austin’s Josh Baer and Investor Russell Hinds live on stage during the keynote!

Hall Martin, director of the Austin Entrepreneur Network will lead a panel of entrepreneur groups that will talk about valuable lessons learned when submitting business plans for potential funding. Visit for full program and speaker bios.

Enter the Fast Pitch Competition!
If your business is seeking funding, register for the fast pitch competition! Investors will be hearing one-minute pitches before open networking. If you’re interested, check the website for details at and send your executive summary to Hall Martin at

The Conference promises to be the premier business funding event in 2010, thanks to a number of supporting organizations that will be promoting the event through their networks. They include the Capital Factory, Tech Ranch, The Idea Finishing School, the Small Business Development Program, ATI, and more.

If you have questions about the event, feel free to contact Jason Myers, at or (512) 779-4674

We look forward to seeing you at the Norris Conference Center on April 21st!