RISE participants receive a 10% discount off of registration at www.FundingSymposium.com
Expands Management Team to Lead Efforts and Reach Entrepreneurs Year-Round and Nationwide
The Fastpitch is a 60 second elevator pitch in which an entrepreneur tells about his startup in a succinct fashion.
Volunteers will be essential in assisting with event operations and interfacing with RISE hosts and attendees by extending a welcome hand to all participants.
The Ernst & Young Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award carries with it a $100,000 grant.
Buy a ticket to the TOMS Shoes “Style Your Sole” Party and decorate a pair of shoes with TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie!
Social innovation is a whole group of big, ambitious, new ideas and models for solving social problems.
Tate Austin Hahn offers comprehensive Message Workshop for RISE Fast Pitch winner valued at $4500.
We’re asking you, new and returning RISE participants, is 2010 the year of Start-up America? What makes Austin a leading entrepreneurial city? What area of entrepreneurship interests you most?
As entrepreneurs we know that in order for any incentives and economic stimuli to be effective over a long term, these must be applied to real businesses that solve for real problems or address real customer needs .