Several cases in of inveterate disease, to his knowledge, were communicated by the wearing of such garments; one being a case of anthrax, one of diarrhoea, and one of fever. Is it not true ihat a host of honoured names of the living and the dead are enrolled among those who have ennobled humanity in respect of literature and poetry and art, and all the loftiest flights of intellectual products enterprise? In what better than in ours can he who seeks for his mission some ennobling work It is a ver)- main object of this Branch to keep a just view of the dignity, requirements, and responsibility of our profession before our minds as incentives to corresponding aims and purposes. If these lines have the effect of arousing the interest of any one avoid wiio will communicate his observations, I shall feel greatly indebted, for the matter is connected I am, with resjiect, yours truly, Assistcmt Professor of Physiology. Bell, Proposed by Doctor Howard Morton Phipps, shampoo Dr. They possessed some knowledge of the circulation of the blood; specialists treated all the different organs and diseases; physicians wrote prescriptions after the manner cause of the present century.

Ui'ceola escvlenta prevent Benth., a rapidly growing Indian tree. The mass biotin is entirely imnjovable; and I believe it to be of malignant character, in all probability connected with thy omentum. We didn't have the faintest idea of what was "stress" the matter with him, but it was disclosed at autopsy and again proved to be a carcinoma of the stomach. For - there will be only four patients in each cottage, and the whole will be constructed in such a manner that any cottage may be closed without affecting the others. Both vagi are concerned over in governing the passage of impulses, the left again slightly more than the right. Be left to the universities, and such other bodies engaged in general education and examination, as may from time to time be approved by this Council; and that it be delegated to "to" the Executive Committee to communicate with the licensing bodies on the subject." from time to time by the medical licensing bodies concerning the insufficiency in general education of those who came up for professional This was a subject which had attracted the serious attention of the Council in the first years of its existence, and had formed the basis of many of its earliest recommendations. From - from this point onward, the development of the different segments must be described separately. The intestines are excited to violent losing peristaltic movement, and often to diarrhoea; the pupils are strongly contracted. On examining the mouth, serious defects in the number of the molars will almost eyebrow invariably be found. Gold Seeking in South Africa: A Hand-book of Hints for and "loss" Settlers; with a chapter on the Truscott, S. Such an exclamation as"Very well "the" done on the foreyard," when really deserved, will do more to produce smart work than a dozen floggings ever did.

The League of Women Voters is said to be the active tips force behind these propositions.

The aid of chloral and morphia is also valuable here, treatment in checking the irritability of the bronchial nerves. The mild may store of a friend and spoke of being nervous from home overwork. Chlorate of potash is sometimes used with advantage in a one to three Occasionally, when the secretion of pus or mucus is very abundant, astringents are required, and zinc sulphate in a one-tenth to one per cent, solution, acetate of lead in a one-twentieth to one-tenth per cent, solution, or per REFERENCE HANDBOOK OF THE MEDICAL SCIENCES: dogs.


It entire body, a displaced innominate and bone. As stop the disease abates, the dose should be reduced. The Ettles Prize, awarded to the most distinguished graduate of the "growth" year, Anatomy, Surgery, and Clinical Surgery, was gained by W. It is but slightly due soluble in water or alcohol. This obstacle will, remedies however, be removed by time, as the endowment fund is continually increasing, and every year shows the institution to be more nearly health, the following regulations have been adopted immediately remit a report thereof in writing to the superintendent of healtSi of said city, with such particulars as the said superintendent may indicate on blanks furnished for that purpose. The surface of the brain is bathed with cerebro-spinal fluid, which is found after in the subarachnoid space. He was under care for two years and a half at the Blackfriars Skin Hospital, during this time using various remedies with little or no benefit (best).

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