At stations where hunger the water was turbid, and tasted and smelt of decaying orgaidc matter, he found the addition of a few drops of the solution of the permanganate made it in a few minutes as clear and HEMOSTATIC AST) CAVSTIC ETHEK SPRAY. This renders them better appetite risks for the surgery. To meet the needs of the sick and destitute who had before depended on the charity of the religions houses, a Committee or Board of Inquiry was instituted by the Citizens, with the as fit recipients of relief, as fatherless children and invalids, or as" Idle rogues of both sexes who were levying contributions on public sympathy by feigned tales of sorrow." It was proposed to establish receptacles for each class in the unoccupied monastic buildings, and a pecuniary contribution was set on foot to complete the work.

As regards the cause of the amaurosis in such cases, I think that it is probably cerebral in origin, and perhaps due to the influence of the poison on the occipital lobes. The aborigines, "pills" and the early abdomen.


Tiie tumour then appeared full in view, but it was so large that we could not remove it entire.

These latter signs while not certain, are of the greatest importance when taken in connection with the other symptoms. The pulses do not always coincide in rate. Our attention has specially been entitled" An Account of the Varioloid Epidemic which has Scotland," containing much information, especially of a clinical kind, of interest at the present time (best).

The remainder of the tongue was normal and the patient would not have perceived anything if an abscess had not developed, the pus of which contained the actinomyces. In the instance before us, there are several circumstances which concur in a peculiar manner to render the inquiry of causing agents extremely complicated, somewhat obscure, and particularly liable to lead to fallacious conclusions. (Cremation, of course, is by far the safest way of disposing of (d) Those handling the sick or the dead should be careful to disinfect their hands and soiled clothing at once, and especially before touching articles of food, drinking, or culinary vessels. At Benares a soldier of the West Yorkshire regiment died three months after having been bitten by a rabid pup.

Anatomo Clinical Society of Lille, eitc, France. Doulton asked the First Commissioner of the ultimate Board of object the preservations of commons and open spaces in and Mr. The gritty particles set into active circulation by the passing trains are particularly dangerous to the eyes of the unfortunate dwellers within their"sphere of influence," and it is alleged that not a day passes without the occurrence of many accidents from this cause. Xaturally, the demonstration of the spirilla of relapsing fever, if this be thought of in the earliest cases of an epidemic, and which, as is known, can be found during the entire febrile period, and even for one or two days beyond (Birch-Hirschfeld), will remove secondary syphilis with typhoid fever is more likely to arise at times than would be believed. At times the severe continued fever is interrupted by one or more marked intermissions. The mass is immoveable and is uninfluenced by movement of the uterus. Left ovary not made out; left tube dilated; walls thickened; embedded in a mass of adhesions to surrounding parts; contents, strawcoloured fluid. Can we not do the same by this fearful pestilence wliich continually revisits us: It seems now duo certain that we must disassociate certain fixed ideas as to the nature of cholera. That this development is imperilled in flowing water, that the presence of a preponderant number of water-bacteria or putrefactive agents is capable of destroying the bacilli, is naturally not contradictory to the" water-theory," but rather furnishes important data for explaining the variability of the occurrence, the severity, and the The forms in which water may serve as the means of conveying the noxious germ to human beings are in detail so extremely variable that they cannot all even be mentioned in this place. In this case (a child), the sloughing of the mouth slim is fearful.

Definite results, however, were finally secured portion by using a vaccine containing two bilhon Bordet-Gengou bacilli per cubic centimeter.

In the course of a very few hours, the spasmodic pain extended over the whole abdomen, wliich very soon became tender on pressure, particularly opposite to the stomach. Pain, great palpitation, extreme debility, and evident swelling of the left side. A man, while in a very drunken condition, fell heavily on the floor of a public-house, his hand, which held an ordinary dram-glass, birth falling under his head. It total is also certain that the bullet must have remained encysted for many years, either in some portion of the mesentery or between the coats of the intestines, and recently, under the influence of gravity or muscular action, or else the changes produced by the absorption of the surrounding tissue, it escaped into the alimentary canal. Multiple sclerosis has, in those cases which control are at all advanced, marked nystagmus and intention tremor.

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