Be Authentic and Successful in Life and Business


This interactive and inspirational session is for those interested in achieving more than “work-life balance”.

People pursue entrepreneurship for different reasons - some universal and some very personal. Whether you have just begun your journey or are miles down the road, being prepared for the physical, mental and emotional challenges can help you join the elite group of entrepreneurs who build sustainable businesses. And understanding your purpose is key to overcoming those challenges.

Come listen and explore what it means to live authentically and successfully in life and business.

•Consider what living authentically means to you.
•Find out why playing it safe (not living your dreams) is never a smart bet.
•Explore how your business and life might change by setting authentic intentions instead of goals.

In 2009, Shari Wynne and Marcie Finney (more info below) founded 2BAuthenticU – a company dedicated to facilitating living authentically and successfully. 2BAuthenticU has a weekly “Authentic Salon” where members gather together to set clear intentions and support each other to achieve significant results - including fostering business start-ups, book writing/promotion, business vision and revenue, business restructuring, and transformation of personal lives and relationships.

This session will introduce you to the methods and benefits that Authentic Salon members receive, where many entrepreneurs have been born and businesses grown.

About Marcie Finney: Marcie has a successful design firm and a “hot” emerging eco-friendly jewelry company – Seeds for Goodness LLC. Marcie energizes her clients’ business design with dynamic branding and marketing collateral. Marcie empowers and inspires through her authentic purpose of beautifying all the eco-conscious fashionistas and encouraging them to give back.

In addition to her role in her own companies, Marcie is very involved with Austin Women Entrepreneurs.

CEO + Managing Partner
Shari Wynne is a serial entrepreneur and Co-founder, CEO + Managing Partner of Moster Wynne Ressler. MWR is an influential Austin business law firm that helps entrepreneurs by growing and developing their businesses. Since opening the firm in 1996, Shari successfully lives her authentic purpose of “loving people in a powerful way” by helping clients achieve their dreams through business ownership. In addition to her role at the law firm, Shari has been very active in the entrepreneurial community. She is a Past President of the Austin chapter of EO (Entrepreneurs Organization), the former Co-Chair of the Austin Business Journal's Fast 50 Advisory Board, and is currently involved in Membership for the Austin Women Entrepreneurs group.