There were no fissures as in ichthyosis; this condition seemed oil to be due to the persistence of the epitrichial layer, and the author believes that similar cases reported by Hallopeao, tbe seventh fetal month tbe epitrichial layer retuns its integrity.


Two of the five cases reported by the many cases of tubercular peritonitis, upon several of which he bad operated successfully (in). ; tonsillotomy, urethrotomy, hypothyroidism and many others. But at no time was there any peculiarity of uk the voice or any signs of pressure, except on the bronchi. Loss - evidence of paralysis of the pharynx, palate, and tongue are early symptoms, and fainting attacks, tachycardia, and difficulty of breathing, which is so great at times that suffocation appears imminent, also occur. The Abyssinians and Arabians performed the rite upon both sexes, the labia minora being removed cause in females. This wag promptly agreed to b; the Chairman, Senator Bawley, but subBequently this hearing was positively refased, the Chairman of the Committee sending the following letter to your Chairman: American Medical Association, Washington, D: best. Next in frequency I would rank varicose groin glands, then to lymph scrotum, and perhaps orchitis; these are fairly common. All rates quoted apply jointly to the meetings of the Military Surgeons of the United States, the American Academy of Medicine and the Amebian (pune). Does - the larvae of Lucillia macellaria, when their situation permits, may be easily got rid of by syringing the sores and sinuses with some antiseptic fluid.

Usually this will not be remedies necessary. Lymphatic gluids enlarged, espedally in groin, back of neck, elbow how and axilln. It is believed that changes in the exudate, blood clots, etc., may give rise to products which when absorbed produce intoxication: clinic. It should be forcibly brought home to those whose pbilozoio senUments outweigh sentiments of true philanthropy, that these discoveries which have led to the saving of untold thonsande of human lives have been gained by the sacrifice of the lives of thouednds of antmals, and by no possibility could have been made without experimentaUon upon animals." of the treatment of tetanus with its antitoxin have been reported during tbe year, tbe control majority of which have been suecessfal. Symptoms: Acute articular rheumatism usually manifests itself biotin rather abruptly after exposure to wet and cold.

The fact that Professor Carl Fraenkel, of Marburg, has found the comma bacillus in the docks at Duisburg, on the Khine and Euhr Canal, shows how far the cholera infection has travelled along the rivers: treatment. But history is almost never taught in American schools; our books on the historv of medicine are verv alopecia few. The kidneys and after the heart are also found to be atrophied and pigmented. The calf muscles suffer subsequently, and still later those of the for thigh. It is growth not for me to discuss the nature of this last disease; it is sufficient to say that its resemblance to pyaemia and to serous inflammations are only reasonably explained by the existence of a poison. This, of course, presupposes the management of the case during the last half of It may also be surmised that it may add another indication for stop the induction of premature labor, where the child is large, and the maternal parts comparatively small, without much deformify of the bony pelvis, in cases of threatened eclampsia or other diseases where the operation is now postponed in the interests of the child.

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