Eighteen months diet after the close of the treatment we met the patient. Litre the vacancies are duly announced, and competitive examinations are held which are creditable for'their strictness and impartiality: foods. Three months before operation a similar body had appeared in the other knee, also without injury, and had given BOLTON: LOOSE BODY OF THE Kb, EE. They were, as near as I could estimate, about two ingredients lines in thickness. The nostrils are shut, full and distended, consequently the patient has to breathe through the gaping mouth, and over the thickly pustulated tongue, which is dry and swollen. A very limited inquiry into the experience of others has been made with the following results. In snch instances ceruin reactions between the child and its environment, which have an unfavorable influence upon its development, have become deeply rooted. In conclusion, it appears to me that clinical evidence is, on the whole, against the rheumatic origin of the arthritis associated with perityphlitis. In the first place the insane are, as a rule, not at all susceptible to its influence; and in the second place, even if deep hypnosis can be produced, the insane ideas and the various delusions of the senses are too fixed to be removed; the lunatic's diseased ideas are far too tenacious. Although the resulting symptoms did not conform fully with the naturally acquired disease, it is not to be expected that the injection of a virus under highly artificial conditions would reproduce, in detail, the usual symptoms of the natural infection. What better could be expected while hardly anything was known of anatomy, and nothing at all of physiology and pathology, while chemistry was yet wrapt up in the dark folds of alchemy, and pharmacy was confined to the preparation of charms and enchantments? As students are often anxious to begin the study of medicine with theory and reviews practice, so, unfortunately for the science, its first practitioners were, compelled to commence with the application of it to the immediate wants of man, and that, too, while they were utterly ignorant of every tissue and organ of the body, of every form and variety of disease, and every source from which remedies were to be drawn.

That this latter is better than the former treatment, M'e now think will not be questioned. THE PRESIDENTS OF THE SOCIETY. When informed that the chloroform had been given in its weight purity, I inquired of my patient if he had any soreness of the throat or stomach, and was assured that he felt perfectly well, except that he was weak. There is no question that its execution will be a most impressive sanitary lesson to the whole State. Sometimes, besides sonorous breathing and subcrepitant rales, friction sounds and even bronchial breathing are heard. What, then, is the treatment of a chancre proper, or simple chancre? In answer it may be said that it is best treated according to the form which it has assumed. One thing is certain, we have had but very few cases; and, in my opinion, many which have management been reported as genuine were in reality cholera-morbus. This opinion is based upon some statistics drawn from reports on cases of excision and from statistics derived from the Hospital for Hip-joint Disease. Later he removed other bodies or limbs from places of execution or from cemeteries, and he made such good use of them Fabrica,' an epoch-making record of accurate observation and of Cohmibus Vesalius's prosector at Padua, made many dissections and described the valves of the heart, and also the circulation of the blood from the right side of the heart through the lung into the left auricle, which Michael Servetus had earlier believed. If thoroughly emulsified with the addition of orange juice, a mixture is formed which is almost unobjectionable. The operation sometimes reacts advantageously on untouched precautions are taken there is no danger to life, and never any The most favourable cases are": (i,) Deafness subsequent to suppurative inflammation of the middle ear, with persistent perforation of with little or no thickening of the membrane, without paracusis Willisii (hearing better in a noise), with preservation or diminution of the drum more or less thickened, with paracusis, with diminution of" bone-conduction," and with tinnitus. But sometimes it was more convenient to do pan-hysterectomy, though it was difficult to say why. A tumor, about the size of the last phalanx of the thumb, was also brought into liquid view. The man who is shot is immediately hurried off to the hospital or his home. My object in presenting this paper is to call attention to the clinical features of the subject, as More especially I would speak of the diagnosis and treatment, merely mentioning the essentials of physiological chemistry, inasmuch as it is still in its formative stage, as new theories have been advanced since the study of nucleins has been taken up by Levison, Iloraczewski, Vaughn, As Ilaig's theory has received siich universal recognition it would be well just here to briefly refer to it. The patient stated tliat he was ignorant of the source of the affection, and that he had not come in contact with any one who could have communicated it to him.


The rulings have been appealed to the Supreme Court, which should hand down its judgment this summer. The nurse must be cautioned to keep it from sunlight, and to put the stopper in the bottle immediately after use. Some few more can The needles varied in size, and were found in different positions; many have undergone little or no change; but by far the largest number are slightly oxidized, having lost their brightness and become brittle; others are more or less corroded. Now there occurred something entirely new in her experience. Heath had been attached, were models of cleanliness and good management, and yet were visited by the pestilence in preference to those patronized by a poorer class, who were more closely packed, had made longer voyages, and had experienced rougher weather (slim). Peter s Hospital por Urinary Diseases.

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