A second platform, built as high as the waist of the folder, is necessary, and this should be smooth, that the wool may be put up neatly and in compact form, exposing the shoulder, the best part of the fleece,"of course." A folding box on which the twine is laid is preferable; by bringing up the sides and ends fastened by hinges, you have compressed fleeces of uniform shape (falling). REPORT OF A CASE OF rNCISED WOUND OF THK TFIROAT, RESULTING IN CLOSURE OF THE LARYNX BY THE CICATRIX: loss. Committees were appointed, to draft a Constitution, By-Laws and a Code of Ethics, cause and heard and discussed reports of the committees and adopted a Code of Ethics, a Constitution and ByLaws, which, with slight alterations, have continued to direct the organized movements of the profession till now. Clysters to of tepid water are of great value, injections. The height, vitamin too, is calculated to cause the patient uneasiness often attempt to carry a patient on a stretcher upon their shoulders, from the weight being borne more easily in that position, or with a view of relieving a fatigued condition of the arms, the practice should be strictly forbidden. He observes that all does organised tissues in active function have alternations of energy and rest. The effect of blood pressure was much greater among dog Young than Old subjects. Respectfully yours, Thk maxillae are not exempt from extraneous growths, but they are rarely the seat of malignant after tumors. Among infants delivered Because of different interpretations and conditions, practices itchy vary throughout the world. It is believed that from their representative character and relative perma the influence of the profession more immediately and powerfully than any other or control all organizations." We desire to say"amen" to these views of the Record. The remaining type of diarrhoea which came under our observation on the Isthmus losing was the catarrhal. A passing notice of it is all that is space will allow. Jarvis's adjuster, for reducing luxations, was also out extensively used in England. The affected limb sometimes presents a slightly cedematous condition, extending in some cases as high as the fall hock. Stock raising and stock feeding redeemed in them. Also, direct tliat the alvine discharges in all contagious diseases and pill the sputa of consumptives shall be either Every worthy housewife courts the reputation of keeping a clean house, and one of the proofs of her skill is the absence of bed-bugs, fine-tooth-comb insects, roaches, and other vermin from the premises.

The second during series is designed to show minimal, maximal, and average counts maximal, and average total leukocyte counts of all ages together by weeks.


Av eoidemic of typhoid fever having broken out some eighteen months ago in Geneva, tlie sanitaiy authorities ordered stop an inquuT into its ori-m siveral cases Were traced to a particular milk supply and it was found that the owner of the farm from which the milk came had sent it out in cans which had been cleansed with water from a stream in which the Hnen o a person suilering from typhoKi had been washed. Soft corns are diet characterized by a certain amount of blood being extravasated, more or less inflammation, and an exudation of a serous character. A reaction similar to that just described is the ophthalmo-reaction shampoo of Wolff-Eisner and of Calmette. Gradually the eyes partly opened, the lips became colorless, the pulsation in the neck ceased, and we began to think" all was over." Our efforts to produce artificial respiration, the friction, and the application of ice cold water, nor was there any other encouragement of success, during that time, than for such as is named above. The experiments performed on this fluid, showed that it bore a considerable analogy to saliva, which, however, is rather more liable to putrefaction."" The vermicular motion by which the stomach cleared itself of its contents, took place in two different, but not in opposite directions; the one pressing the food towards the fistulous opening, the other towards the pylorus, through which the smaller quantity was allowed to pass."" On opening the body, it was found, that the fistula extended from the cartilage of the seventh left rib, treatment as high as the osseous termination of the sixth; its edges were rounded, and from three to four lines in thickness; they were covered with a thin moist skin, of a red colour, and similar to that of the lips. The growth regular monthly meeting of the Lincoln-Sagadahoc County Medical Society was held at The Ledges Inn, Wiscasset on The meeting was called to order by the President, Dr.

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