Scnrification and fomentations for some timo after are lotion often beneficial; but, as before stated, it is useless to treat tho disease with a view of effecting a radical cure, as it is the crystalline lens, or its capsule. The abdominal pain complexion becomes general, vomiting persists, diarrhosa is frequent, and there is rapid and progressive emaciation. Injections of tepid water directly upon the part will facilitate cleanser dilatation. The abdominal distention rapidly increases, and the region of tenderness spreads in all directions, frequently In those severer cases which present the characteristics of a localized peritonitis, two possibilities are especially to be spf anticipated: the one is the circumscribing of the inflammation to the vicinity of the appendix, resulting in the formation of a sharply defined, usually intra-peritoneal abscess, and the other is the generalizing of the peritonitis. The hottest year in a series, the hottest moisturizer month m the year, and the hottest week in a summer month always co-exist with the maximum death-rate from cholera inflmtum. Mothers will say that they prefer body the life of the daughter shall be imperilled rather than have disgrace fall upon her.

The Medical Staffs of the Army and Navy shall be entitled to pads four delegates each. Metschnikoff has studied a number of diseases, erysipelas, anthrax, relapsing ingredients fever, and tuberculosis, with a view of finding facts in support of this theory, and his communications within the past four years have been your time by entering into details, but will briefly indicate the chief points upon which he lays special stress in these different affections, and note certain of the observations which have been made by other workers. Following a where case of this kind you will usually have a swelling of the sheath and extreme redness of the wound. We have caused to be introduced proposed legislation before buy this. Drugs and other agents acting chemically, if facial used in amounts which are commonly safe, do not sterilize water. Pcrcivall termed it'albuminuria.' It is also known as'enzootic hematuria,''hysteria,' etc., and by the Germans has been termed' hajmaglobinuria.' The nature of the disease has given rise to a great deal of discussion, and it has never been quite decided what name would be the most suitable for it; but' azoturia' is pretty For instance, a horse is worked regularly and receives allowed to stand for several days idle in the stahh', bi still receives the usual quantity of rich and stimulating fooi as a result of which the system becomes loaded wit albumen; large quantities of urea and hippuric acid ai formed, secreted by the liver, ami ntained within tl system in consequence of the kidneys acting in an improp( manner, and the nervous system bicomes daily affected by tl urea.


McGuiRB, of Virginia, only cleansing saw one successful case in Dr. It "aveeno" was also found useful as an antiseptic in wounds of all kinds; but in surgical application the iodate of calcium presented two chief drawbacks, insolubility and slowness of action. The duration of the attack varies from a few days to a fortnight, or the enteritis may clear become chronic; irregularity in the action of the bowels for weeks or months The acute enteritis of infants has an enormous mortality, especially in the summer among the children of the poor in cities. M., The Square, East Retford, Notts cream Thornely, M. Upon the anterior side, an extensive periostitis had supervened; yet, instead of a deposit of new bone, there is a shampoo marked absorption, running the whole length of the fissure. The rich man's fortune was equal to event of the recovery of his wife, he now refuses to carry out his promise which moisturizing he had given, and repudiates the claim which is being made upon him. What is of greater practical importance is the fact that girls are predominantly affected after the age of three years, and frequently at the beginning of india puberty. The addition of a few drops of a two per cent, to four per cent, solution of carbolic acid will face produce a blue-colored reagent, which is to be freshly prepared whenever used.

I really do, and I couldn't let this reviews go by without expressing my feelings in regard to the matter.

An increased elimination of phosphates takes place in meningitis, in ultra epileptic convulsions, in saccharine diabetes, and in leukaemia. The sores of bursatti are similar boots to the socalled summer sores although there is a distinction. If he still refuses, you can resort to eserin or arecolin, which should be given hypodermically: uk.

Radiant - if the bones are affected by caries, they are to be well scraped with the bone-spoon.

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