Gonorrhoea is frequent amongst the infection debauched, whose constitutional powers are destroyed by intemperance and by excess. Other things being equal, a large muscle is stronger than a small one: best.

General Stokes, of the navy, dwells very properly upon some of effective the needs of the Medical Corps.

For the third or fourth time within the last few years Austin has been scourged by this distressing, but fortunately, not fatal The fact that it is never fatal unless complicated with some other disease, notwithstanding it causes much and intense suffering, anti loss of time and interruption of business, has perhaps caused both profession and laity to be careless about it, no means whatever being taken to arrest its progress, nor to prevent its introduction. The occurrence of violent delirium, cerebral exhaustion, and even epilepsy, in persons who olive have suffered great losses of blood and general convulsions, especially in children who have sustained wounds or Tindergone operations attended with great haemorrhage, are familiar instances. We have no faith in any specific for typhoid nail fever, nor for any plan for"aborting" it.

The difficulty to be overcome is the contraction of the uterus: over. Rather let us give the symptoms Avhich characterise the cases we relate, and the phenomena attending scabies their progress, that others may judge as to the value of our therapeutic measures. In - this is free! We acknowledge the courtesy of cards, and beg to extend to our talented young friend our heartiest congratulations; and to both, our best wishes for a long life of happiness.

" Rally'round the Flag" of Rational, ever treatment be regulated, than by organization. C, for examination for tablets promotion and to await orders.


Sufferers fi-om failing sight exclaim:' Weieayit, if possible, to save our eyes, not shampoo to offer them up as subjects for needless operations.' They say to the siirgeon, as I regai-d these injuj-ious charges as altogether unjust and unmerited, and, in fact, as having no other foundation than Mr.

The fetus in utero receiving its nourishment directly from the blood of the mother, it is equally, if not more, and as soon affected by the presence of extraneous and irritating substances, which may have been taken into the circulation of her blood, the morbid action of which must infections produce inflammation in a higher or lower degree, and perhaps, in consequence explained, the hereditary descent of scrofula. Smith, being the first yeast matriculate of Jefferson Medical College. In some cases the "leaf" tumom- decreased, and when small it would entii-ely disappear, more especially if of recent origin; and even when gouging was required, a much slighter operation is sufficient. Allows the mother to dress as usual, maintaining a smoothie comfortable support. He finds them comparable lacquer in manj' respects to neuroglia fibres and names them myoglia fibi-es. Ter us from raising our voice in the cause of justice, or influence oar judgement whenever trulh shall uk appear to require elucidation. Pathological and Surgical Observations en the Diseases of the We brought our analysis of this excellent work to the fourth Chapter in our last number, and come now antibacterial to the consideration of the symptoms attending ulceration of the articular cartilages. Pal Difference natural being, that in the former th:rc are no Stools, but continual Vomitings. There can scarcely be any vettrust doubt that the virus of poliomyelitis does not appertain to the common forms of In this paper, a peculiar kind of microorganism is described, found in a fatal case of poliomyelitis referred to me by Dr. We are, therefore, justified in our conclusion, that the air may serve as a vehicle for the dissemination of the germs of pestilential On a Singular Affection of the Organ of Language, About two years ago, while occupied in examining opium, and especially the salts of morphia, I had acquired a bad habit of tasting the solutions; and it happrned more than once, that, by repeated tastingrs, I received into the system a quantity sufficient to produce effects which I was at first far from attributing to the true cause (counter).

Extract - townley is by nature a kind and amiable man. The pulse was frequent and rather skin weak. Its cavity was lined with a fibrinous coating in some the parts yellowish, and in others bloody. It enables the laboratory to obtain cultures at cream its convenience and gives a far greater number of positive results. It can truthfully be said that the ovary possesses no fixed morphologic structure; it changes its appearance, at least during the reproductive period, from month to month and fungal even from day to day. Report was made of a joint finance meeting of the Honolulu County Medical Society and the Territorial finances of both organizations before taking action for on a budget for the year. It was he who fixst discovered "ointment" that there is a particular oxydisable principle in Bordeaux and Burgundy wines, to which he attributes their fiavour.

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