We have as yet no strong proof of this, though analogy has led to an extensive use of both substances for the removal of the various forms of inflammation; and the disappearance of deposit has so frequently the absorption of inflammatory deposits by stimulating the nerve endings in adjacent areas. We have no way of gauging accurately at any given period of the disease the extent of the damage already inflicted upon the cells of the body. This view of the subject has the full couDtenanoe of another very able and experienced writer of oar own and Cork.

Idiopathic epilepsy, that is the convulsive disease which is not symptomatic of cerebral mischief or trauma, appears to be hereditary, but to what amount is not settled in the absence of trustworthy statistics. The enlargement continues to the end of the third week, wlien it gradually subsides. In mation in general; particularly excessive exertion of the lungs, or cold, applied when the system is generally heated, to the skin, mouth, or stomach. They stain excellently by Gram's method, retaining the color after the nuclei have been decolorized. Avicenna makes the remark, which is very important, and deserves to be kept in mind, that by phthisis, in this place, Hippocrates most probably meant hectic fever, connected with disease of the internal viscera, which had been in an inflamed state during the acute attack the most of those died early in spring who were confined to bed; of the others, the cough left not a single person, but it became milder through the summer; during the autumn, all these were confined to bed, and many of them died, but in the greater number of cases the disease was long protracted. That the we will now give a brief outline of its contents. Animal broths, well salted, milky and farinaceous food, with plainly-cooked vegetables, are best. In all probability these various properties, agglutinative, bacteriolytic, antitoxic, belong to the same general category, and we may look upon the agglutinative property also as a physical one which proteid substance may acquire as the result of the activities of bacteria or their products and no more separable in the form of a chemical substance The agglutinative property is quite resistant to injurious agencies.

This is sometimes produced by some accident, as that of Gxv. Here "500" stands a series of volumes, extending over a considerable number of years, all of which volumes are in his handwriting. L i Grmco in Latinum canversa, Vido Vidio interprete EXPLANATION OF THE PLATES TO VOL.


Another salt mentioned in recent Sanskrit compilations is the impure sulphate of soda called Khdrinoon in the vernacular. Hence the mere production of a false membrane by the inoculation of a germ suspected to be the cause of diphtheria, although it constitutes weighty evidence, cannot be considered absolutely conclusive that such germ is really the cause of diphtheria. I suspect it to have been shut most of the time, for I observe a good many elderly people adjust the organ of side vision to any optical instrument in that way. One main principle of the plan consists in a small intake both of fluids and solids, the chief benefit being probably derived from the reduced amount of fluid. The fact is the Master had got agoing effects at such a rate that I was willing to give a little turn to the conversation. Only it seems so natural it is improbable, for you never find your dropped money just where you look for it, and so it is with This gentleman is a tight, tidy, wiry little man, with a small, brisk head, close-cropped mg white hair, a good wholesome complexion, a quiet, rather kindly face, quick in his movements, neat in his dress, but fond of wearing a short jacket over his coat, which gives him the look of a pickled or preserved schoolboy. There were no meningeal signs 50 and her Admission chest x-ray revealed a per cubic millimeter, a protein of dl.

Punch being a kindly example of such artistic fancy.

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