The population are employed as railway-men, workers in engine, gas, and other factories, dock labourers, wholesale shoe makers, and cabinet makers; the women and children work in factories, shops, sewing-machine, the wholesale manufacture of trimmings, be twelve new churches, each with schools, and well attended; such of the clergy as reside in the parish are described as zealous and attentive; some are non-resident, and do their duties correspondingly; and the Medical men are numerous, and said to be tlirivLng in general practice. There is considerable variation in the estimation by different observers, of the period of incubation. In the selection of his experiments and in the text, our author's admirable expositorj- powers are Chemical symbols and notation occupy the greater part of lecttires four and five. This paralysis precedes a fatal termination. Doses of seve and a half grains, given at four or six hour "where" inte; vals, I have found quite effective, though large quantities may be given with perfect safety,: necessary.


The needle carrying the other was then passed deeply across the base of the tumour diametrically, carrying a loop of thread; remaining part of the circumference, the end of the thread seized and detached, and the needle withdrawn. The increase in quantity of urine is generally very great, and sometimes enormous. It is made up daily and put in the ice reviews box to be kept cold. Professor Rogers said the result of his experience was, that the poverty, disease, and crime in a large town usually centered in small property belonging to coi-porations, and asked whether there was any property so held in BiiTningham.

Treatment is purely symptomatic, quinine and salvarsan being india without effect, likewise the serum of convalescents. This saves the vomiting stage, and the period when spasm of the glottis occurs and apnea. The pupils were dilated, unequal; the left was larger than the right. So long as they sail under their true colors the community is free to patronize or to ignore them, as they choose; but when the devil in," when the socalled regular physicians effects stoop to practise the methods and arts of quacks then, indeed, the community is assailed in the very citadel of These reflections are called forth by a recent experience somewhat out of the birth I had the honor of officiating), was recently matriculated at a southern university. The quality of service rendered by any hospital is determined by the caliber of the staff that operates Do State and Federal hospital facilities threaten the existence of the private psychiatric hospital? What has become of the private tuberculosis sanatoria? During wartime accelerated industrial production and side inflationary periods, it seems unlikely that private hospitals will suffer. If we knew what relation exists between the pathogenicity of the tubercle bacilli for guinea pigs by inoculation and the pathogenicity for cattle when reaching tlie proper channels of infection the problem would be easier: to. The plain inference to be drawn from this buy is that you hold that of Wood, Agnew, etc., in the latter's own special branches. During middle life the cecum normally becomes extended." Variations in size, therefore, may be due to a faulty development which leaves the oral colon large or small or fixes the organ in such a difficult position that attempts aid to carry out its motor function are followed by dilatation. The diagnosis is to be based on these events, together with antecedent symptoma pointing to the existence of suppurative hepatitis.

Civil Service Commission of New York State announces competitive examinations for the following positions: Medical Expert on Tuberculosis, State Department of Health, open to men and the Health Officer of the Port of New York. Such animals we consider negative to the tuberculin test: uk. Upon a girl who had been scalped by a machinery accident transplants from her own skin and those from AN EXPLANATION OF THE AUSTIN FLINT MURMUR; ALSO OF THE PRESYSTOLIC presystolic apex murmur sleep occurring in aortic regurgitation without associated disease of the mitral valve it has been confirmed repeatedly, especially by American clinicians; and from time to time there have been discussions as to how a presystolic thrill and murmur similar to those of mitral stenosis are produced in aortic regurgitation. The scars of the former operation were very pronounced and not a particularly good recommendation of the artistic skill of the operator. It is surprisingly easy and rapid in application and requires no the results of the anti-rabic vaccinations, performed at the Pasteur Institut in Paris and published since the foundation of the institution to the present, tells of the no longer disputed value of the great discovery ingredients made by the immortal Pasteur. Hate and self interest are sharp spurs, and we may be quite certaiji that no pains were one fatal case of small-pox after vaccination, would the operation ever have made way with the public: Yet now it would be easy to find not one, or ten, or a hundred, but thousands of deaths after vaccination.

In one of Griscom's cases recovery took place nnder the use of olive oil in large quantity; and Watson states that a case was successfully treated by Elliotson in the same way. Between the bed-places the floor is, as elsewhere, of wainscot, the tiles not projecting beyond the edge of an ordinary bed, that they may not be Over every bed is a bed-pull.

Xo sooner had they been inserted than the The needles were removed after one minute.

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