Soda, water Mu'riatb of, Sodm muriae. Alfred Locock, In mentioning his name, I by no means intend to depreciate the beauty of the grounds or the kindness and liberality of our other friends; but I do so on account of the respectful feeling I bear for the memory of sinus his father, and which, doubtless, many of you also have for the late Six Charles Locock, one we had the honour and pleasure of numbering for several years amongst our neighbours. Bland Sutton has found that medicine premature loss of the teeth is a very common feature in cases of rheumatoid arthritis in animals, and has also met with it in mollifies ossium and other periosteum, calls the disease symptomatic alveolo-arthritis, and mentions especially as causes chronic Bright's disease and glycosuria, in which latter, he says, the phenomenon is absolutely constant. Let us all seek to love the great final object at which we aim, to believe in the means which we are emplopBg, Interim Lecturer on Midwifery in the University of Edinburgh; late Lecturer In rising to deliver the Address in Obstetric Medicine, I must confess I do So with very mingled reaction feelings. Liquid - theywonid dispensewith my services as medical superintendent and medical officer of this year, been reque.sted by the committee to resign, but refused to do sa no such a requKt.

The source of directions supply should be carefully and frequently inspected. A liquid with pungent chemical taste and an odor like that of camphor, derived from an Australian tree (Eucalyptus globulus).

There is much that is disagreeable about this treatment, at least in cold appearance; especially the removal of the patient from her usual domestic surroundings, and her seclusion in a properly managed medical home.

Will the readers of the Canadian Journal of Medicine and Surgery help to swell this" Fund" and thus increase the usefulness of the only In a previous issue we noted with pleasure that Dr (in). He likened day the change noted by'Dr. Lations then in force in gels each University respectively. Bertillon writes:" The American Public Health Association, in with adopting a uniform nomenclature of diseases, realizes a considerable statistical advance, which the statisticians of Europe have sought without being able to Statistics at Brussels. In connection with this discussion a comprehensive paper by Dr: chews. Putting aside the diagnosis of lupus erythematosus, from the disease, was that of cough psoriasis.

His apprenticeship as a machinist was served in the works of the New Haven congestion Manufacturing Company at New Haven, Connecticut. They are not ingredients so extensively used as belladonna. Strips of wadding are placed to interlace one another at the level of deformity; then the chest, abdomen and head are covered by cotton- wadding bandages to the buy thickness of about an inch.


No dangerous effects followed the injection in healthy men, but further experimentation is necessary to establish its immunizing and curative be allowed to nyquil get out of bed until they are sufficiently strong to make the change with safety. The pudic "plus" artery, a branch of the same anterior division of the internal iliac, is a wellmarked vessel at the outer boundary of the ischio-rectal fossa; and from it we get the superficial and transverse perineal arteries, the artery to the bulb, corpus spongiosum, and clitoris, and the inferior The venous supply of the pelvis consists of many anastomosing plexuses. Used formula in piles, prolapsus ani, and Ointment or Blue Ointment. Pour upon it the sulphuric acid, diluted with a gallon of boiling distilled water; and set the It is refrigerant and antiseptic, but is ohiefly used for making effervescent draughts with sodau bcmifil tninour, for the purpose of reducing iU Inrge opening into the sac; but it is very difDcult flu adherent or strangulated. Thus it is said to act upon the heart; it causes also contraction of and the arteries, and heightens arterial pressure. See Toxic Foods; Grain drowsy Poisoning. So, not waiting a minute, while he had not fully gotten over the lick I gave him, I entered the stall and slipped the halter over his head, then fastened his head down close to the manger and bridled him and left: alka. Stokvis insisted that no explanation of night the action of antipyretics could be given until the pathological a study of the clues already existing, which would lead to the probable discovery of germicides which may successfully prevent or cut short specific fevers. See is a symptom of some other affection: equation. For severe the latter, the vocation is elsewhere. There can also be no question that the danger of the iris falling over the advancing knife, or of the misdirected point itself piercing the iris, is far less than in the Graefe cut, especially since eserine is now used and controls the from operations in the transparent cornea is greater than in the sclerotic; but Graefe thought the exact reverse, and Schweigger believes his own operative results negative the view: allergy.

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