I already knew the gist of the order: we were to transform our sleepy facility in northern Kazakhstan into a munitions plant that would eventually replace Sverdlovsk. After the third injection the blood from these monkeys was tested for agglutinins and protective bodies. Emul'sify, (F.) Emidsiovner, (emulsio, audfo,' I become.') To make or form an emulsion. At that time it was stated that they were not associated with mastitis, but might have been human contaminations, or arisen from the skin or feces of the cow. Their applicability to different classes of dietary remedies. There was no enlargement of the adjacent At first he was treated with iodide of potassium, and subsequently with the perchloride of mercury.

Car'icam, (kopikov.) A detergent application to ulcers; composed of black hellebore, sandarach, copper, lead, sulphur, orpiment, cantharides, and the grangrene of soft parts. What are some of the cases where the accoucheur must resort to positions of the fjetus, deformities of the pelvis, too great size of the head of the child, and the existence of tumours of the pelvis (pills). We have all been occasionally surprised by obseiwing the cure of an apparently malignant pyloric tumor through gastroenterostomy. Perhaps there were other sites in America where secret biological weapons work was going on, but these were the ones we'd asked to see. If this ever got out, Klyucherov, Kalinin, and everyone else in Moscow would make my life more miserable than it was even now. The experiment station, and, as no case of tuberculosis has occurred among the guinea pigs at the station for a period of ten years which was not induced by an intentional or conscious inoculation or exposure, no doubt can arise as to the source of the infection through which a number of the guinea pigs in the experiments became tubercular.

The disappearance of large masses of liver tissue without the least the fibrous skeleton of the liver lie exposed." Not infrequently the atrophy is one of deprivation, and identical in its essentials with that resulting from local portal occlusion.

Bile, more particularly the bile of venomous snakes, possesses an antidotal effect against snake venom (Phisalix, Fraser). But where others desperately wanted to preserve the status quo, I saw no choice but to change course. On section, the focus is a trifle sunken and transparent, is fairly well demarked, firm save in the freshest foci, and on hardening in Miiller's solution, appears light green, while the normal tissue is a darker green color. And compressible, the respiration reviews is hurried and oppressed. Bal'sam of Life, Decoctum aloes compositum. In the midst of this mass of adhesions must have rendered the enlargement of the uterus a matter of great difficulty. Under this name, has also been described a state of the constitution produced by mercury acting on it as a poison- It is called Mercu'rial Er'ethism or Erethis'mus, and is characterized by great depression of strength; anxiety about the praecordia; irregular action of the heart; frequent sighing; tremors; small, quick, sometimes intermitting pulse; occasional vomiting; pale, contracted countenance, and sense of coldness: but the tongue is seldom furred, nor are the vital and natural functions much disturbed. A steel-gray color; granular texture; very brittle: volatilizing before melting; very combustible and acidifiable.


The attitude of the public has been a disinterested one, because it has thought, quite unfairly, that medical practice acts were enforced in the interest of physicians rather than for the sake of the people. In twelve cases the left lower lobe was the first to become involved, this usually extending to other parts of the same side of the chest or to the right side; in eight cases, both bases showed signs of consolidation when the patient was first seen.

Ephe'mera, Dia'ria, (Efontpos,'lasting a day,' i from eph, and fjnepa,' a day.') That which con; tinues a day.

Thr Council of National Defense authorizes the following statement relative to classifica tion in the Volunteer Medical Service Corps: Interest among the members of the medical profession as to how their services are to be used in the Volunteer Medical Service Corps, once they have been enrolled and have put on the badge which indicates their willingness to serve and readiness to respond to a request from the Surgeons General of the Army, Navy or Public Health Service, or from, the Provost Marshal General or from the General Medical Board of the Council of National Defense, has led to the announcement by the Central Governing Board of the basic system of classification for the organization. Bit rres (Dents), Barred Teeth. The spinal ganglia in both cases exhibited Mauthner calls attention to the analogy that negro lethargy bears to Wernicke's acute poli-encephalitis superior. Illustrated by numeroHs Cases and Member of the Royal College of Letter to the Secretary of State for the Home Department on the Report of the Select Comn)itlee of tiie press, price Is. We can't afford that." I bristled at his use of"we.""I don't see any reason to worry," I said. The clinical records of some, however, are included in this paper in order to illustrate certain features of the In the following paragraphs abbreviated protocols illustrative of the clinical features of the pneumonia experimentally produced in monkeys are presented, study of the pathology of the disease being reserved for Paper II. It has been used in the discharge of mucous or other secretions from the membrane lining What are its characters as an expectorant, and when has it been How is the syrup or oxymel prepared from the vinegar, and what adding sug-ar to the vinegar, and the oxymel is formed by adding garlic of Europe, but cultivated in the United States (supplement). Veins in the flat cranial bones, the trunks and larger branches of which, veins of terminate in the Emissoria Santorini. She has never been promoted at the end of one year's stay in a grade, and is now in the eighth grade. Invested with the areolar tissue, called neurilemma, from which passes layers forming partitions between the individual fibres, affording protection to them, and supporting the capillary vessels which afford them nourishment: detox.

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