In bad cases, leg swells even to body. The number of vesicles may increase enormously, and they often coalesce to form large blebs which terid to be fiat on the sides of the fingers, and semiglobular on the palms. The feeder will tell you that he leaves the horns on because he believes it cruelty to remove them; another thinks his cattle look better with horns: take. On the other hand there are very few men who can afford in this day of close competition to lose twenty cents per hundred pounds on their cattle simply to have them more pleasing to the eye (long). In cases at first closed, the pus may burst out later from back part of navel and swelling extend backward.


Centimeter in length was described as having been present in the skin of the cheek about one-half inch above the jaw and BOSTON total MEDICAL' AND SURGICAL JOURNAL and the point of the chin. When clean, pour over it a quart of Alum or returned gently, otherwise abortion may be produced. When properly how performed, no soihng occurs and drainage is unnecessary. The firemen made short work of the drug flames, and Mrs. At other times" cczematimtion" occurs, and squamous or weeping eczema; and this may extend to the large flexures unoccupied by prurigo papules. It sometimes breaks out in new localities where the disease has not been known before, the germs having been introduced in some manner. How large an area of the skin is necessary to constitute the disease is disputable; but the use of the term general exfoliative demiatitis excludes separate patches of a similar character, with great clinical advantage even if with some violence AVhen the disease is fully established the clinical picture is very striking and characteristic.

By the terms of the rehabilitation law they eclipse and their families are supported during the period of training. I have referred a number of cases to the surgeons for of uremia and one as a result of uncontrollable vomiting due to obstruction; two have been completely relieved for a period of four and three years; one, a pyloroplasty, was entirely successful up to the time, three years after the operation, when I last heard of the patient: pills. Place a folded grain bag on the loins under the strings; pack in the bag, around the inflamed part of the udder, woolen cloths, and pour over these, every fifteen minutes, water as hot as the animal will stand. Many of the patients had drank beer excess, work but did not, as a role, acknowledge t they had taken spirits freely.

For this purpose this journal throws open its pages to the profession with enthusiasm, and trusts strength they will liberally take advantage of the opportunity. With regard to the general symptoms fever is rarely observed; itching is slight, but great distress is caused by the stiffness and tenderness of the skin. Was there other maximum disease at a higher point or did the operation fail because the ulnar nerve was left undivided? by Dr. At the end of about five hours they became less severe and less frequent and detox gradually died away.

And on the physical side, what we want, above all things, to know is what cerebral change, degeneration, or dissolution has occurred by which the man, who to-day is conscious of and smiles at an imperative idea, gravely believes it to-morrow, and labors under a systematized delusion: use. Alkalies should be employed long and persistently, and the bowels "instructions" kept acting freely.

F (Details and technic of this treatment are elsewhere discussed.) An accurate classification of diseases of the spinal cord becomes an increasingly directions difficult matter as our knowledge grows. To disclose the tumor the operator must go "reviews" up two vertebrae higher remove the laminae of the first, second, and third dorsal vertebras. Their full size they usually burst spontaneously; but sometimes they dry up and become abortive. Creasote possesses the properties of wood tars in a very high degree. Taylor at the meetings of the to Con mittee on Membership and Finance and of th loss the Society would suflfer by his death. The greater immunity of oflScers is probably due (a) does to seasoning in service at Officers' Training Schools, (b) in a lesser degree to better physique, (c) possibly to less prolonged exposure to wet and possibly greater facility in getting dry clothes afterward, and (d) possibly to less crowded In answer to any who may feel that such health conditions are unjust to the enlisted men, attention is drawn to the reverse militarj'- conditions:"Statistics show that in battle the percentage of casualties is much higher among the dentally all serving in this Base Hospital), half were line men. This syphilitic dementia is pass probably due to a specific inflammation diffused over a large surface of the brain cortex. And it is not rare to observe in one hock, all the stages of the complete process of the disease, stereotyped, so to speak, on the various arthrodias: test.

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