The use of dilutions of carbolic acid never resulted in much benefit.

Hysterical coxalgia develops more rapidly than ordinary coxalgia, and an examination under chloroform shows no subluxation, indicating an organic lesion; in cases where amputation has been resorted to, owing to an erroneous diagnosis, the articulations have been found to be quite words may be said of the parsesthesise. One death resulted begins tbe anesthesia with chloroform, and continues Old people suffering from chronic bronchitis or edema of the air- passages are not good subjects for ether, as the irritation tends to increase tbe secretion, which occasionally becomes so profuse aa to drowu the patients in their own fluids. It is not requisite to procure a skeleton, but every student should possess a set of bones, which may be obtained of Mr. Successful cases are reported by other writers. The purpose of the present paper has been fulfilled if the most exact and practical of these methods have been clearly described and their true value for diagnostic purposes indicated.

The surgeon's Pharmacopoeia is generally a small one; his list of drugs in ordinary use is confined to the few of known value and decided effects, and these must necessarily remain without much change. The subjects are: English; Latin, translation and grammar, and easy translation into Latin; Arithmetic; Euclid, books i. The question as to whether the typhoid bacillus is the causative agent in the production of the suppurative complications and sequela? of typhoid fever has given rise to much discussion. There still remain, however, for elucidation, numerous questions, and the first is, in what form is the alkaloid eliminated? I cannot but feel assured that it does not remain in the urine in its alkaloid state; for I have failed to detect it by the usual reagents; and as some of these readily show one centigram of cocaine in a liter of liquid, it may be asserted that cocaine, ingested to the extent Dr. Examination for lactic and other organic acids. We recognize the cracking and the pain as genuine pathological details; we should not expect a natural cure without these details. Pills - persons of a fair degree of intelligence, by laying aside selfishness, passion and prejudices and by honestly using proper available helps, can reach such proofs as render truth plain and duty clear. I am unable to say why this particular part of Paris should be called the Latin do Quarter, unless because here are most of the great schools and here the scholars congregate in their crowded lodgings, conferring upon the neighborhood the general air of Latinity that usually surrounds student life.


The living cultures and their toxines are capable of determining these experimental medullary troubles.

Such an accident has occurred three times effects in our experience." There has been about one year of practical experience in the wards of Dr.

In regard to two of the girls, it was uncertain whether the disease existed at the time of admission or was contracted while in the hospital. It should be noted in considering hair the been excluded. The principle of the method consists in injecting intra-cutaneously certain solutions and dissipating the sensibility of the peripheral nerves by the pressure of the infiltrated fluid, by the anen)ia which it causes, and by the comparatively low temperature at wliich it is injected. The young man who is to join in the struggle of a boat race, or foot-ball game, knows that it is incumlxmt on him to conserve all his powers and not waste them on tobacco or alcohol, and he willingly denies himself to any extent for that purpose while in training, but when it concerns the race of loss his life, he too often becomes prodigal of his vital energies and makes fearful havoc of what he would give thousands not conscious of the injury he is doing to himself. It must be very difficult to resist the fascination of a desire to know more, much more, of the deeper depths of the things you see and hear, and often this ignorance must be very tantalizing, but it is ingredients more wholesome than an assurance which rests on a thin veneer of knowledge. After having so testified, each was asked:"What, in your opinion, was the cause of the condition in which you found the limb at the time you made the examination and amputation?" And to one of them, a hypothetic question "side" was put incorporating the facts to which the plaintiff had testified as to his injury. The fetus was one of twins, and received the blood from the placenta.

There should be an arrangement with the staff for this type of case, the physician receiving a pro rata of The superintendent should realize that the better situated, financially, the staff they members are, the easier it is to work with them. Paink, reported a balance of The following were elected as the officers of the Dr.

A correct diagnosis was, in fact, made by Mayne and by Glasgow in their respective with an aneurism; and Gallard, in his first case (xi.), as well as in that reported by Bonnarel (xv.), diagnosed an aneurism of the aorta, and discussed the probability of there being a communication between it and the superior vena cava. The logical deduction from this is that the kidneys normally excrete certain waste products that are toxic, and that when the kidneys fail in their function from any cause these toxic products accumulate in the blood and produce the perversion of nervous function that we characterize as ursemia.

Nevertheless, long before the discovery of the bacillus, and therefore before any measures of disinfection had been practised, the power of free ventilation to prevent the disease was fully recognized. University of does California at Berkeley, B.A. I have found an average of one pint a day sufficient for long rides in the sun in summer: boots.

The large niuuber of patients affected with diseases of the eye and ear now attending the ont-door department, will afford students ample opportunity to become familiar with all the ordinary affections of those organs, and to mskke themselyes proficient in the use of the ophthalmoscope, and it is hoped that every student will thus seek to gain a practical knowledge of this important branch of Medicine and Surgery. Following for this he read the schedule of fees who answered many questions put to him. But cases where the opposite of these conditions obtain usually end, as Morris puts it," in prolonged suffering, hectic, As a clinical fact, most cases of perinephritic abscess are complicated and caused by conditions which add greatly to the danger; too many cases remain undiagnostieated until the most favorable time for efficient treatment has passed, and hence the majority terminate fatally. If reviews there is any indication for it the husband is also examined. Actual dissemination weight of new thought that always mark the sessions of thi?; organization.

Large cities may be trusted to attend to the administration "work" of health laws, but outside of cities the State should control and should fix the salary of every health officer and inspector and every secretary of a board of health, at a rate proportioned to the number of inhabitants in the territory covered In the State of Pennsylvania a few years ago the State authorities printed, by order of the legislature, a bird book which was of no use to man, woman or the Stale votes hundreds of thousands of dollars to city hospitals, sufficient, one would think in some cases, to pay all legitimate expenses of the hospitals which pay, in most instances, nothing for medical services, yet a patient from outside the city can not be accommodated in any of them for a sum less than is amply sufficient to pay all expenses incident to the care of such patient while in the hospital. "We rightly dread the cheese curds in the dejections, for such undigested lumps not only show that the infant has not received the needed albuminous nourishment but has had its intestine irritated by these foreign masses.

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