Act Short, Think Long

How Passion, Effort and Risk can save your ass


Understanding that your company is not defined by your bottom line is a critical factor when the economy goes south. In a tough economy, passion, effort and risk can change and grow your company. The key to riding out the storm is you. Here are some lessons learned from our company and the clients we serve.

Manuel started HBMG in 2002 with a tiny office with a tilting floor that shook when trains passed by. “The employee held on to his monitor, hoping it wouldn’t fall off the desk.” From its roots in web development to its current focus on Strategy, Collaboration, and Security serving commercial, state and federal agencies, HBMG has been consistently recognized as one of the top small businesses in the country. In January, 2010, it was one of nine companies named as protégé companies of U.S. Department of Defense. As the Founder and Chairman of HBMG, Manuel has led engagements in support of fortune 100 companies and multiple state and federal agencies. HBMG software and systems have fundamentally changed how public projects are constructed in this country. As the company has grown, it has also made an effort to give back to the community. The HBMG Foundation participates and facilitates creativity and innovation in arts, technology and business. The Art of Business was developed in 2009 to bring business executives together to showcase their creative side. With big dreams and great people, HBMG sees no limit on future possibilities. “50 states in 5 years” is one goal; HBMG believes it has the people, processes, and procedures in place to have a wide-reaching national impact.