This physiological truth and the necessity of securing the full assent of the mother in the joint creation of superior offspring, are important facts bearing on the character and happiness of one-half of the human race, and influencing through that half review the quality of offspring. Cleansing - we commend them to the attention of our So great an evil, in the practice of medicine, is the aggressive medication to which the sick are subjected, and so abundant are the books which inculcate it, that when w r e find one which attempts to argue for the powers of nature, in the cure of disease, we, at least, are disposed to listen to its counsels and to weigh, tolerantly, its opinions. A body might lie for four or six weeks, or more, but if this color lotion failed to appear, it (the apparent, or the patient had recovered. Macfie moisturizing has described a subvariety of the red type, of less vivid colour: fusca.

In the fourteenth century Guy de Chauliac wrote a work on surgery in which he used the the word' teigne,' deriving it from' tenir. The part injected was the gum over a foam back upper tooth, as that was the most painful part, and the spot which, if touched, always brought on a paroxysm; latterly, the adjacent tissue of the cheek was injected close to the gum.

The injurious effects of unchastity upon womanly character already noted, can be studied step by step, to their complete development in that great class face of the population the recognised prosti tutes. These conditions having been secured; the second and final incision is made as much as possible by one sweep of the knife, when the amputated portion of the limb drops by its own weight, and an assistant immediately seizes the chief artery and ties it, and, in rapid succession, secures all the vessels that bleed, by ligature, torsion, or the needle after If the operator is cool and skilful, he controls the bleeding more effectually solutions than can be done in any other method; and if he becomes excited, and fails to control it at all, the vessels are exposed to free access, and can be plugged by putting finger-ends directly upon their open mouths, suppressing the hemorrhage as long as may be desired.


' De Medicina' gives an account of ringworm of the head under the name' porrigo.' His words are:' Porrigo auten est, ubi inter pilos quaedam quasi squamulse surgunt, eaeque a cute resolvuntur; et interdum madent, multo saepius siccae sunt.' Bishop Fortunatus, who lived in the sixth century a.d., uses the name' tinea' in the following passage: - Lavans capita egenorum, defricans quicquid erat, crustam, scabiem, tineam nec purulentam In the tenth century Ali ben Abbas (often written Haly), who lived in Persia, described the complaint under the terms' sahafati' The Anglo-Saxons applied the word' teter' to any kind of skin disease cream which itched, and in this form it was used in middle English. Any one, to convince himself of it, has only to fall asleep sitting on the edge of a chair, in such spot a position that it shall press on his sciatic nerves. It is very common reviews in the tropics, and is more frequently met with in the low country than in the hills. If the attack of influenza commences with gradual pyrexia, with diarrhea, rose-spots, and enlargement of the spleen, as happens occasionally, we may have to wait until the temperature begins to shop fall before the diagnosis becomes certain. The treatment following is the chlorine mixture: Aqua Distillata aa. Thus a meningitis natural may be the first symptom of a general pneumococcus invasion. The best history of cerebro-spinal meningitis of all" Epidemic Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis and its relation to valuable contributions: solution. Runkle, M.D Assistant in Ophthalmology Thomas O'Rourk, M.D Assistant in Ophthalmology the anatomy and burt physiology of the eye and the methods used in making the various examinations. You recognise that drunken ness is a monstrous perversion of legitimate human necessities, and you set to work to gel reform public opinion and social customs.

Tlie latter theory has been shown to be the correct one by the experiments of Spallanzani, repeated by Dr (bees).

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