It must not be forgotten that inequality of the pupils is occasionally congenital, that the effect may be produced by intrathoracic growths other than aneurysms, and that the appearances may purchase be simulated by adhesions of the iris occurring exclusively in the one globe, or in one to a greater degree than in the other. The trees that bear balsam grow principally in Arabia, and are found only in tropical America, while the code lobiatae and cariophyllacea, are seldom discovered but in Europe. It was further proved by experiment that the blood of a yellow-fever patient remains infectious after passing through a fine filter, but that it loses its virulence The general conclusions announced by the Army Board were: That yellow fever is conveyed from the sick to the well solely by the bite of the female Stegomyia mosquito; that the insect can become infected only after sucking the blood of a patient within the first three days of the sickness; that the period of extrinsic incubation is from twelve to twenty days; that the period of intrinsic incubation is from three to six days; that yellow fever may regimen be produced artificially by injecting a non-immune with the blood of a patient in the early stage of the disease; and that the causal agent of yellow fever is a sub-microscopic parasite. In these days when it has become the fashion to belittle the conclusions of juries, it is satisfactory to find that the jury in this case treatment was up to times in the verdict it recorded; for with little delay and hesitation it found for the plaintiff, with damages which it rightly (as we think) men who say"that juries are always wrong"; we have said the same thing ourselves, when they have decided against us in cases in which we have been interested; if this statement is true, then the jury in the case of Frond vs Swell must be the exception which goes to prove the truth of the rule. From the hosj)ital by his friends (canada).


Indeed, remembering her former experience, she regarded the salivation as the first indication of her condition, shipping and was not therefore at all surprised when the catamenia failed to appear at their usual time. In this case it is probable that the congenital narrowing of the anal orifice had caused buy an irritation resulting in inflammation and long-continued ulceration.

These theorists did not consider the practically insurmountable difficulties in the way of obtaining asepsis under the conditions present in field hospitals in cleanser time of war, neither did they appreciate the press of work in such hospitals when crowded with wounded during the progress of an engagement, or the time consumed in such operations, time which cannot be spared for such operations when others of equal urgency and more promise of lifesaving are pressing. How - there is the same variety of researches, the same manifest vigor, the same comprehensiveness of j)lan, which has characterized the former endeavors of this association. Thus, in three days, the ten examiners could pass judgment upon one hundred and twenty applicants, incur no railroad uk and hotel expenses, nor the displeasure of valuable, if exacting patrons. That if necessary he should use the cold bath or pack, rather than the so-called antipyretics, but that it is exceptional where, by careful management in other respects, the temperature cannot be kept within safe limits under the use of intestinal antiseptics, and by means of the sponge bath frequently employed but never so cerave cool as to be ungrateful to the patient.

Leeches are sometimes used for the relief Operativi Treatment.- -Medicinal and dietetic measures, with 2015 local applications, are usually sufficient in ordinary cases of piles. Chad wick said that discount the expulsion of the decidua from the uterus rarely, if ever, failed to occur during the course of an extra-uterine pregnancy or at its completion. The one boon of org freedom was withheld. A few cases of hipjoint disease have been cured by kit one injection, several by two or three, and in one case I used eleven injections in nine months before a cure was effected. In the last three hundred he had operated on many unfavorable cases, which had or made the percentage higher. Can - generally, in a substantive sense, a remedy or antidote; sometimes a charm or spell. Diseases, those generally classed as epidemic, endemic, infectious, or contagious, now believed to be due to specific viruses, as small-pox, "where" measles, scarlet-fever, diphtheria, whooping-cough, and"fever" (typhus, simple continued, enteric, and others).

The management of an institution calling for the annual expenditure of near an hundred thousand dollars, might also be called a specialty, demanding for its proper be attained only review through that school of experience. Between the pressure of the bandage around the arm above the site of the puncture, and the blood pressure, the two punctures through the vein cost remained patent, and there was an immediate accumulation of venous blood in the subcutaneous tissues of the anterior aspect of the elbow. The vagina is encroached upon by the mass iu the posterior cul-ile-suc, whicli now fills the lateral cul-de-sacs aud mass distendiuiT vaiiina and rectum is less panoxyl tender, and softer. He arrived about in two hours after the injury and found the hand considerably swollen. A few"smarties" found it good sport to swipe this box and hide it away to the sorrow of its owner, and as a consequence customers would go without the usual bread with the morning coffee (coupon). The supposedly simple subcoracoid dislocation, if carefully studied by the x aha ray, will, in an overwhelmingly large majority of cases, show a tearing off of the greater tuberosity of the humerus.

His work is most frequently done upon his own responsibility, and away reviews from the watchful eyes of his superiors; moreover it is often done under circumstances of extreme danger, without the support of"touch of elbow," and the comforting thought which the fighting soldier has, that come what may, he can"give as good as he gets." Anyone who thinks that a man without a gun cannot be a soldier, even though he does and dares all that any man can, is hardly in accord with the public sentiment which responded so warmly to the story of Piper Findlater at the charge on Dargai True discipline being the object sought, certainly no method of its attainment can be equal to the military method, since this is the concrete result of experience in discipline from the earliest times even until to-day.

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