2009 Session:

Session Description – How to Turn your Idea into a Business

My session is about helping you take a idea that you have and turning into a business that allows you to pursue the life you imagine. I will use a tool I personally use as well as share with my clients called the Entrepreneurial Blueprint that focuses on turning ideas into realities.

I'll share my personal experiences of starting a technology company & getting my first technology patent w/o a technology background. How I was able to create, produce & host a primetime TV show for CNBC without journalism or TV production experience. And how I am working with my current clients in their respective industries turn their BIG ideas into real opportunities.

This session is focused on serving this need: "I know what I would like to do and I just want to talk to someone to get help on how to make it happen!".

About the Speaker

Ingrid Vanderveldt

On the Road with iV, Host

TV show host, CEO, patent holder, motorcycle racer and red-headed entrepreneurial aspiring supergirl. iV is the host of “On the Road with iV”, founder & CEO of the CLUB E Network (a social network for entrepreneurs), creator of the “Entrepreneurial Blueprint” and is a woman on a mission to show that “anything is possible” in this world by bringing to life the stories of people who have overcome adversity to make great things happen.

iV created and hosted the primetime series American Made for CNBC. She has been in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, New York Times and Inc. Magazine. She has sat with Al Roker on the Today show, been interviewed by Donny Deusch on the Big Idea and talked entrepreneurship on BNET’s Dog & Pony Show. She has founded 7 start-ups, raised over $7M in venture funding, closed multi-million dollar sales deals and received a technology patent from her first technology company without having a technology background.

She is mentored by Red McCombs, former mentee of George Kozmetsky, and founder of Clear Channel and sits on the board of WorldBlu and Responsible Partying Made Simple. She is a founding member of The Billionaire Girls Club, writing her first book called “the Aha Moment” and is the Annual emcee of MOOT CORP, the world’s largest business plan competition and speaks to entrepreneurial audiences around the country.

iV has a ball-chasing cocker spaniel named Wille G (after Willie G. Davdison), lives on airplanes, reads non stop, ride and races motorcycles, skydives and is addicted to CNN, USA Today, celebrity magazines and PerezHilton.