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Session Description – How to Build a Democratic Company

How to Build a Democratic Company
with Traci Fenton, CEO, WorldBlu

Business as usual, characterized by an omnipotent CEO, layers of management, and closed-door deal-making is officially becoming a recipe for failure in the new world of work. At a time when the Internet has made everybody a somebody, where speed is king, where Generations X & Y are increasingly taking the leadership helm and people are tired of the Wall Street greed, businesses all over the world must radically rethink the way they are designed and operated.

In this new world, the most successful companies are practicing organizational democracy as a key to their competitive advantage – a disciplined yet freedom-centered strategy for fully engaging employees, tapping their potential, sparking innovation, and building trust.

Sharing best practices and stories from the companies featured on the groundbreaking WorldBlu List of Most Democratic Workplaces™, and drawing from over a decade of her research into successful democratic companies around the world, Traci Fenton, Founder and CEO of WorldBlu, Inc., shares secrets to building a world-class democratic workplace. Along the way she challenges entrepreneurs to rethink their assumptions about what democracy actually is and explains with spirit and insight why “getting naked,” “renouncing rankism,” and “pointing fingers” is the best way to attract top talent, boost the bottom-line, and grow your company to succeed in a Democratic Age.

Part of the Women Entrepreneurship series sponsored by Austin Women Entrepreneurs.

About the Speaker

Traci Fenton

WorldBlu, Founder + CEO

Traci Fenton is the Founder and CEO of WorldBlu, Inc., an Austin-based leadership and business design studio specializing in organizational democracy and freedom-centered leadership. As a leading expert in organizational democracy, she is recognized as one of the business thought-leaders of her generation as well as of the next generation of business.

Traci frequently addresses audiences on organizational democracy and freedom-centered leadership and has shared her message with individuals from over 100 countries and for organizations such as Yahoo!, Fox Interactive Media, the CIA, and Harvard University.

Traci has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, The Christian Science Monitor, US News and World Report, The New York Times, the BBC and various other media around the globe. She is currently at work on her first book about how to build democratic companies.