2008 Session:

Session Description – Promoting Entrepreneurship within Nonprofits

Entrepreneurial organizations are:
• Innovative
• Willing to take risks
• Able to make decisions based on calculations of risk-reward payoffs
• Willing to do what it takes to “get it right”
• Flexible and willing to change

There are many reasons why nonprofits are not innately entrepreneurial, but the obstacles are not insurmountable. And the rewards, in terms of impact and sustainability, can be huge. In this session we will discuss traditional barriers to entrepreneurship in the sector and suggest practical ways that individual nonprofits can (and have) overcome them.

About the Speaker

Matt Kouri and Kim Wilson .

Greenlights for NonProfit Success, Executive Director / Marketing Director

Matt Kouri is the Executive Director of Greenlights for NonProfit Success, an entrepreneurial nonprofit itself with the mission of catalyzing extraordinary nonprofit performance in Central Texas. Matt joined Greenlights a year ago from Deloitte Consulting where he helped lead the firm’s nonprofit and governmental management consulting practice. His functional areas of expertise include organizational assessment and development, strategic planning and execution, financial and operational management, human capital talent development, board and leadership coaching, and high-performing team building and development.

Kim Wilson has worked in the exciting space where the business and nonprofit sectors overlap since 1997 when she took her second job out of graduate school with the Pittsburgh Biomedical Development Corporation, a foundation-funded, not-for-profit venture fund focused on developing on Pittsburgh’s fledgling biomedical industry. After a stint with another similarly-focused organization, she spent four years working with the Pittsburgh, Austin, Houston affiliates of Social Venture Partners, an international federation of venture philanthropy organizations, and consulting with the federation office itself. She also served on the Advisory Board of the (Pittsburgh Social Enterprise) Accelerator and as a judge in the organization’s business plan competition during her last several years in Pittsburgh. She joined Greenlights for NonProfit Success as their Development & Marketing Director in early 2006.