2009 Session:

Session Description – Leadership for Entrepreneurs

In the entreprenuerial world, it's often difficult to stop, reflect and take a moment for your own development - or the development of those that matter most to your organization. In this session we will focus on three critical leadership competencies that have special relevance to successful entreprenurism:


An effective leader is personally aware; is authentic and reflectively works toward life balance.

Political Acuity:

An effective leader is aware of and sensitive to the history and context that impact a situation. They are familiar with the "players" and their relationships, and recognize leverage points and when to use them.


An effective leader is committed to something bigger than his/herself. They maintain a broad view, rather than a single-issue perspective. They take a long-term approach as fundamental to the good of the organization, and the community it serves. In addition, a good leader recognizes and develops leadership in others.

Part of the Women Entrepreneurship series sponsored by Austin Women Entrepreneurs.

About the Speaker

Heather McKissick

Leadership Austin, CEO

Heather McKissick is an organizational development and communication specialist with specific expertise in leadership, change and experience design.

Heather is currently President and CEO for Leadership Austin, a non-profit leadership development organization that ignites passion for community leadership, whatever someone’s interests or experience level. Since 1979, their leadership development programs have helped thousands of individuals delve deeply into the critical issues and leadership skills required to keep our community thriving. As the former Director of Organizational Development and Education for the Seton Healthcare Network she was responsible for the Organizational Development system which includes employee and leadership development initiatives for more than 10,000 employees across Central Texas.

Having been trained extensively in “Experience Design,” Heather integrates her 18+ years of experience in curriculum development, group facilitation, and program design with this science of creating lasting, memorable experiences for program participants, customers and others. As an experience designer, she creates environments where people can learn, serve, work and “experience” whatever they are doing to their fullest capacity. She enjoys sharing the science of Experience Design with others, helping them to become experience creators themselves. Heather is co-leader of the Bootstrap Experience Subgroup, which helps entrepreneurs apply experience design principles in a simple, easy-to-follow, yet high-impact fashion.