2009 Session:

Session Description – Leadership Skills applied to the Entrepreneur

An interactive discussion of leadership styles and competencies that an entrepreneur will use everyday. Not Theoretical! Real stuff.

About the Speaker

ron kessler

Ron Kessler Group, LLC, President

Ron Kessler Group provides executive and leadership coaching to clients from enterprises of all sizes to achieve greater performance and profitability. Ron focuses his leadership and coaching experience on individuals and enterprises seeking to maximize personal and professional growth, productivity and profits. Our professional mission statement is “to build leaders, one champion at a time, to make a difference in the world by coaching, modeling, practicing and recognizing capabilities that lead to increased performance.” RKG has formed an alliance with WorldClassCoaches led by former UT All-American and NFL football star Johnnie Johnson.

Ron Kessler Group also serves small and mid-cap companies with adaptability strategies for entrepreneurial networks; collaborations and alliances; change and conflict management; finance strategies; succession planning; leadership growth; and coaching and mentoring.

As the U.S. and Regions become entrepreneurial economies Ron Kessler Group serves universities, chambers and the private sector in creating entrepreneurial networks that help to commercialize technology, create jobs and wealth, and grow and retain indigenous enterprises.