2009 Session:

Session Description – Future Forward Strategy: Becoming "Generations" Savvy

For the first time in recent marketing history we have three important and very distinct Generations vying for attention, recognition and empathy.

We'll give you a quick snapshot of how difference in values, demographics and behaviors define these groups. And show these affect the ways Boomers, Gen'xers and Millennials react to your product idea, your marketing and even their role on your team.

To keep the learning fresh, we'll wrap it up with a clever little cheat sheet.

Part of the Women Entrepreneurship series sponsored by Austin Women Entrepreneurs.

About the Speaker

Nancy Giordano

Purple Telescope, Brand Futurist

With an abundance of energy and passion, I've spent my career building, shaping and reviving many of the country’s most prestigious brands. A “brand futurist”, I keep my pulse on consumer and marketing trends, and ensure that my clients create products and brands that are engaging, relevant and in sync with today’s way of living.

Building my career at several of the country’s leading advertising agencies in NY, Chicago and LA, I've helped nurture, build and innovate brands such as American Express, Coors, Huggies, and Del Monte foods. And I've led re-branding strategies for Tourism Australia, Safeway’s highly successful “Ingredients for Life” effort, Best Western, Ryland Homes, and even the City of West Hollywood.

I believe in creating values-centric, brand-led strategic platforms that engage and inspire all stakeholders and thereby create sustained momentum, meaningful innovation and financial success. My job rocks!! And I'm so happy to now be an official Austinite (I know where the future is!).