2009 Session:

Session Description – Something From Nothing: Bootstrapping a $10 Million Startup and Thriving in the Recession

In the past three years, BuildASign.com has gone from $0 to $10,000,000 with no venture funding or startup capital. Our founders’ original great idea has a lot to do with it, but the implementation practices we employ in “bootstrapping” our company play a pivotal role. In 2008, despite feeling the effects of the recession, BuildASign.com still grew 30% and maintained profitability for the year. The same principles of bootstrapping have carried us through our initial economic hit and are showing us promise for a great fiscal year in 2009.
In this RISE session, Dan Graham, BuildASign.com’s Managing Director, Owner, and Founder, will discuss how he and his partners grew BuildASign.com in three short years from the ground up and how they are maintaining that growth and success in the recession. Discussion points will include but are not limited to:
• Starting BuildASign.com with no venture funding or startup capital
• Starting and maintaining a rapid growth pace and focus
• The leading principles to growing a bootstrapped startup
• Lean thinking and growth focus in a recession
• Maintaining growth and profitability in a recession
The presentation will take only part of the session and there will be ample time for Q&A.
Attendees will also receive a reusable 10% off coupon on their first and subsequent orders with BuildASign.com.

About the Speaker

Daniel Graham

BuildASign.com, Founder/Managing Director

Founder and Managing Director of BuildASign.com, Dan Graham decided on a career in technology while attending Hyde Park Baptist High School in Austin, Texas. After graduating in 1999, he went on to earn a dual degree in computer science and philosophy from the University of Texas at Austin. During his college career, Dan worked at Applied Research Laboratories where he furthered his knowledge of programming by working on government technology projects. Toward the end of his undergraduate studies, Dan decided to study law and in 2003 he enrolled in UT law school. At the end of of 2003, with the help of his high school friends, Ty Barho and Blake Borgeson, Dan began his career as an entrepreneur. The three friends started Seventh Coast LLC, a web development company that made Web 2.0 websites using ASP.NET. In the fall of 2004, JR Kraft, Seventh Coast’s first client, joined the three friends to help conceive of the idea behind BuildASign.com. By March of 2005, Build A Sign LLC was officially created. Dan decided to take on a full load of law courses that summer to finish up his degree so he could work at BuildASign.com full time. He graduated from UT law school in December of 2005 and has been the Managing Director of BuildASign.com since. In 2008, BuildASign.com became a $10mil company, a benchmark that signifies health and growth of the start up.