2009 Session:

  • Available Spaces: 20
  • Registrants: 5

Session Description – Web Application Development: Building the future of our company's web applications

Introducing technologies and processes to streamline development and increase business value.

About the Speaker

Joshua Arnold

ProAce Technology Services, Systems Architect

Software Architect and Project Manager in a variety of industries and technologies. Interested in Software Architecture, requirements gathering, business analysis, design patterns, code generation, information and data modeling using Object Role Modeling (ORM), and model-driven development.

Particularly interested in streamlining development processes with various development methodologies (e.g. agile, scrum), technologies, and development strategies (e.g. model-driven development and code generation).

Technology enthusiast with strong presentation skills. Advocate of the importance of team integration and skilled in team building exercises, conflict resolution, and management of group dynamics.