2009 Session:

Session Description – Starting a Company without start-up money:  How to grow a business organically?

Growing a business without large resources presents many challenges, however it can be done. This session is about growing an organization organically through relationship development and understanding the various hierarchies in business to effectively grow and increase your bottom line.  Topics included in the discussion will focus on first-hand experiences, strategies and lessons learned while growing a company without start-up money.

Hispanic/Latino Sessions organized by Armando Rayo, Hispanic Engagement Consultant

About the Speaker

Roy Nieto

SureScore, Educational Consulting, President & CEO

Mr. Nieto is the President and Founder of SureScore.  SureScore is an educational consulting firm he launched in 1995 to help low-income students attain their college goals. He authored and co-authored several books on test preparation and college admissions, including SureScore’s Fundamentals of College Admissions.

SureScore is an emerging education company in Texas and was recently named one of Inc. 5000’s “fastest growing private companies in America.”