2008 Session:

Session Description – How to Reach the Latino Market

You can plow into the Latino market like a bulldozer, kickin' a#@ and takin' names and end up getting run over... You can throw tons of money at every moving Latino and not have one show up at your brand's doorstep... You can create, mutate, translate, even provide a discount rate and still not relate with the Culture-View of one of the nation's fastest growing marketplaces.

We don't see things as they are... We see things as we are. (Anais Nin)

Without understanding the Culture-View, the lens through which people perceive everything, a brand can end up solving the wrong problem, or perhaps create new ones.

Join me, Jesús Ramírez, author of The Olé Degree: The Blind-Side of Marketing, Creative Director of MPOWER Labs and president of Schola Insights & Marketing.

What we do know about these Latinos:

There are more Latinos living in the United States than people living in Australia, Greece, Ireland, Austria and Israel combined.

They are the wealthiest, most literate and most upwardly mobile Latinos on the face of the planet.

Eventually, if you're not already late, your business will need to provide a conducive environment to the Culture-View of Latinos. This introductory lecture will help you begin to build your Latino business on a solid foundation.

What this session will cover :

You will get an introduction on how to culture a market, versus marketing culture traits (empty trivial attributes)

You will get an introduction to some of the prevailing Culture Filters that can often change the way Latinos and sub-segments of the Latino market perceive your brand.

You will be shown effective, on-point, in-culture marketing and advertising examples.

You will be able to use this learning to apply to any "other cultures" that will show up in your trade area or market footprint.

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About the Speaker

Jesus Ramirez

MPOWER Labs, Creative Director

As Creative Director, Jesús Ramírez is responsible for Branding, BrandFraming, Culture-View Training and Creative oversight of MPower Labs initiatives. Mr. Ramírez, author of The Olé Degree: The Blindside of Marketing; has worked in the inter-cultural marketplace for 20 years serving as Creative Director and President of Schola and Cartel Creativo, and as Creative Director for Inventiva, Ornelas & Associates and Sosa & Associates. As Creative Director and Consumer Insight specialist for some the largest independent marketing firms, he has successfully connected brands like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, The U.S. Army, JCPenney, Churchs, American-Airlines, Dickies, Bud Light, Tecate, Wrangler Jeans, Wonder Bread, SBC, and Arizona Jeans, in English and Spanish, with receptive yet latent multicultural audiences.

Mr. Ramirez is a decorated advertising professional. He has received 13 Clios and 2 Effies plus multiple other Ad Federation awards for his past advertising campaigns. He received a BS in Advertising and BA in Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin. He now teaches Applied Latino Marketing at the University of Texas at Austin to undergraduate and graduate students. Additionally, he teaches The Olé Degree (OS) at Wizard Academy.