2009 Session:

Session Description – Don’t ignore your most important global marketing tool, your Website!

Don’t ignore your most important global marketing tool, your website.

Utilize your strongest assets to accomplish a large return on investment. All decisions must drive your ROI.

Web Marketing Mix: Driving Leads, Driving Conversion, Email, PPC, SEO, CRM, Social Media. Your website is the Cheapest, Fastest, Best way to grow your business.

Join us in a discussion to learn how you can turn your company's website into a successful lead driving machine.

About the Speaker

Erik McMillan

PROACE Technology Service, Inc., Principal Partner

Erik McMillan is a Principal Partner at PROACE Technology Services, Inc. with corporate headquarters in Austin, Texas. His experience spans business, technology, marketing consulting, planning, development, and management for a wide range of projects across real-estate, energy, manufacturing, retail, service, healthcare, education, and government sectors. Mr. McMillan maintains an in-depth understanding of how and why information technology advances business and marketing performance. Erik has consulted companies around the world on web-enabled, secure, ecommerce technology projects. Graduating with Honors from The University of Texas at Austin, with a degree in Management Information Systems, Erik now operates on the management team at PROACE. In addition to his significant role at PROACE, Erik also sits on the board of numerous technology businesses in Austin.

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