2009 Session:

Session Description – Values, Vision, and Misson: What are they, and why do they matter?

Why do you need a company mission statement? How do you really determine your core organizational values? Do employees really care if you have a vision statement? At this session we'll discuss what these terms really mean, why you need them, and how to develop them authentically. If you want your company to keep focused, on-track, and a great place to work, this session is a must!

Part of the Women Entrepreneurship series sponsored by Austin Women Entrepreneurs.

About the Speaker

Michelann Quimby

DiaMind Consulting, CEO

Michelann Quimby is an organizational development coach and consultant, specializing in helping companies define compelling vision and values that motivate and engage employees. She is an experienced speaker and published writer on topics relating to organizational values, ethics, and interpersonal dynamics.

Michelann is a 12-year veteran of the interactive marketing industry with a concentration in globalization and project management. She has consulted in interactive marketing and project management, and has served as a Senior Interactive Project Manager and Localization Coordinator.