About This Session:

  • Date: March 5
  • Time: 9:00am - 10:30am
  • Location: MosterWynne (click for map)
  • Available Spaces: 20
  • Registrants: 0

Session Description – LAW WARS - Using the Law to Fight the Dark Side

As entrepreneurs we all face challenges and opportunities on a daily, sometimes hourly basis. Darth Vader was an iconic villain but he had telltale signs of approach – the unnatural breathing, the cadence of his march, his unmistakable voice. Austin is a fertile environment for growing a business but often we aren’t afforded that luxury of notice and our companies can be harmed without warning if we aren’t prepared.

If fully embraced the legal ‘force’ can serve a greater purpose than just lawsuits and reactive defense. While we believe only a small percentage of people have holes in their halos and are motivated to exploit others, statistically you will run into them at some point in the life of your business. Perhaps more vexing, you may also find that your biggest challenges come from your best clients or most motivated employees.

MosterWynne advocates the proactive use of the law as a tool to making healthier, more profitable business decisions. Planning is integral to this model and we want to help you anticipate the obstacles, have fewer headaches, and seize opportunities and close deals more quickly.

Our conversation will be an introduction of ideas for some and a review of Best Practices for others. The topics will range from proper entity formation and governance to how and why you should create employment agreements with your workers and management team; how to protect and leverage your intellectual assets to structuring win-win contracts with your customers and your investors. We’ll also explain the concept of “growth envy,” an often unforeseen force that can be as devastating to your ROL – Return on Life – as any competitor or Galactic Empire.

About the Speaker

Charles Moster

MosterWynne, Senior Partner

Charles Moster is a third generation entrepreneur and advisor with over 22 years of experience balancing business objectives with finite resources and stringent legal requirements. As an attorney he devotes his practice to representing clients in complex commercial transactions and in litigation. As Senior Partner, he oversees and is involved with all of the firm's work to advocate proactive risk management. This focus helps clients avoid litigation and positions them for savvy decision-making.