2009 Session:

  • Available Spaces: 15
  • Registrants: 4

Session Description – What To Do With The Rest Of Your Life

*Recapture Your Dreams Through Creative Enterprise - With No Fear of Failure

The master builders and trailblazers of this dream process are Tom Fatjo Jr. and Keith Miller. Tom Fatjo changed the approach to building very large companies by using the innovative combination of the creative dreaming and the action planning process. By combining these two Tom developed Browning Ferris Industries which sold to Allied Waste for $7.3 billion.

Tom Fatjo worked side-by-side with best-selling author Keith Miller to design and create these fruit-bearing processes and exercises. Keith Miller is a successful author of more than 20 books, more than 5 million copies and now devotes his life to shepherding others to reach their childhood dreams and create rich, compelling futures that fulfill their life purpose.

Our program is all about their dreaming process. When used intentionally for the greater good, this dream process can unite families, businesses and organizations but on a larger scale, this process can support our social and political systems with grand creative wisdom that helps all of us reach our unspoken dreams.

Presenter: Steven Mary, Executive Coach

Session located on the 5th floor.

About the Speaker

Steven Mary

KG Advisors , Executive Coach

Steven Mary is an international speaker and presents on topics including servant-hearted leadership and exceptional personal performance. He is the founder of Integrity Communication, a faith-based leadership development company that highlights humility, forgiveness and the honorable exploit of authority in all professional and personal relationships.

He is a master motivator and the responses to Steven’s performance are unrivaled for his unique ability to inspire and the standard which he brings to, and demands from, his audience.

His audiences include all levels of business professionals and he has served as a performance coach with sports professionals and as a consultant with police departments, teachers, parents and young adults.

The hallmark of Steven’s coaching ability is his energy, inspiration and dedication to excellence. He provides strategies that are practical, proven and bring about life-changing results. This program, What To Do With The Rest Of Your Life, by best-selling author Keith Miller is tremendously powerful for guiding others to find and achieve their professional goals and personal dreams.

Originally from Pittsburgh, Steven lived in London and Las Vegas and now calls Austin, Texas his home. When he is not working, Steven is active in his church ministries and is an integral part of his church and community.