2009 Session:

  • Available Spaces: 25
  • Registrants: 3

Session Description – "Social Business Tool Kit : A practical road map"

Learn a hands on approach to go from idea to implementation of a social business. Participants will receive a "Social Business" toolkit to help launch their ventures.

Hispanic/Latino Sessions organized by Armando Rayo, Hispanic Engagement Consultant

About the Speaker

Martin Montero

360 Brilliant, Owner

Martin Montero is a practicing social entrepreneur with a long history in both the entrepreneurial community as well as the non profit community. Montero is the founding member of The Net Impact Austin professional chapter, The Austin Social business group and Bootstrap Cause "Creating social change through entrepreneurship." Montero is also an avid cyclist, homeless advocate, tea snob and knowledge junkie. Montero's background is in management, people development, marketing & advertising.