2008 Session:

Session Description – Branding and Messaging - Setting Your Business Apart from the Crowd

Many young companies struggle with building a branding and messaging strategy that attracts their "ideal customers". This session is a must for any entrepreneur who wishes to position his/her business apart from the pack. This session will use a "hands-on workshop" approach. Attendees will get not only a structured framework for developing their unique brand and message but will also have the opportunity in this session to put this framework into practical use.

DIRECTIONS FOR PARKING: Please park in the garage on the West side of building, just off Bouldin road (please note, if you park in the 1-hour parking lot at the front of the building, building security will issue you a parking ticket). Select Acton from the menu on the metal box at the entrance to the garage to be buzzed in. You may park in any space labeled “visitor” on either the bottom 2 floors of the garage or the top floor of the garage. When you leave the garage, enter *101* to exit.

About the Speaker

Jeff Connally

CMIT Solutions, Inc., President and CEO

Jeff Connally is an entrepreneur who understands that every great business revolves around the needs of its customers. Trained by IBM in sales and marketing, Jeff has worked to develop and take to market everything from advanced software-design tools to personal computers to advanced GPS-based golf-course-management systems--the specialty of UpLink Corporation, which he founded in 1998. Currently, Jeff is President and CEO of CMIT Solutions and a teacher at the Acton School of Business.