2009 Session:

Session Description – Growing a Network that can Instantly Change your Company's Value!

Techniques on how to quickly grow and accelerate development of a strategic network that can change the perceived value and valuation of your company. This accelerated network can also accelerate revenue and funding opportunities.

About the Speaker

Peter Strople

Zero2 Group and Holdings, Chairman and CEO

Peter is the CEO/ Founder of Zero2 Holdings, an Austin, Texas based business strategy and investment firm.

He has been called one of the world’s “Great Rainmakers,” the “Most Connected Man in America,” and one of the “Top 10 Most Connected People in the World.” Considered one of the Top Business Strategists dealing with “Instant Change,” Peter has developed unique techniques to address and refocus a company’s strategy in a few hours versus a few months. He calls on a “Dream List” of Global business, organizational and political leaders to provide immediate feedback to validate business ideas, strategy, leadership and investments.

Peter was the CEO and Founder of Zero2 Ventures, an Austin, Texas based business strategy and investment firm which he founded in 1996 and eventually sold to MacFarlane & Gordon in 2000.

Mr. Strople is a former Director of Dell Computers (1993-96) and
from 1982 to 1993, Peter was an Executive with GRiD Systems Corporation (the Inventor of our modern Clamshell Laptop Computer).

Through his private investment firm “Inside the Blueline Ventures,“ he has equity in over 20 companies.

Mr. Strople is an advisor to Marsh USA, GMG Capital Partners and an Associate Partner with Blackhawk Partners in NYC.

He sits on many for profit and non profit boards.

He is a regular speaker at Business Schools around the world.

He and his wife, Kelly, have a heart for children and have had up to 16 people living in their home over the past 5 years with the goal of helping families get out of debt while establishing a strong foundation for the future.

They have 3 grown children.