2009 Session:

Session Description – Effective Sales Management for Entrepreneurs

The most successful private business leaders know how to systematically generate sales growth and manage their Sales. They understand the process that is required to develop an accountable culture and maximize performance. You will be offered a practical formula that any business owner can use to create and manage a High Performance Sales Machine. The Sales Management Process will allow you to build Consistency and Scalability, to get the most from your existing people and to develop and maintain a Sustainable Pipeline of Profitable New Sales.

You will learn:

• Best Practices that can transform your Sales Effort from Good to Great.

• How to identify and develop sales over-achievers.

• How to transform your culture into a Sales Culture

• That a 3-legged stool is not just for lion tamers.

• Why many Sales Compensation plans and CRM systems do not work.

• If your Sales Manager (and/or sales management system) is capable of achieving the results you expect.

• How to keep your Sales Staff motivated in any economy

• Which indivduals can and will take you to the next level.


Steps you can use TODAY to immediately begin to Upgrade Your Sales

About the Speaker

Joe Zente

Z3 Performance Development, Inc., President/CEO

Joe Zente is President/CEO of Z3 Performance Development, Inc, home of The Alternative Board TAB® in Austin. He founded Z/Three 12 years ago to help private business owners exceed their Sales, Business and Life goals. Joe is the developer of the UnCommon Sense© Formula for Success, a process that has been used by thousands of salespeople, managers and business owners to dramatically improve their top and bottom lines. His approach is practical, straight-forward, and no-nonsense.

Joe’s experience includes over 25 years leading international companies involved in a variety of products, services, technologies and programs. His diverse experience encompasses leading companies with products ranging from high-ticket capital equipment to FISH, from industrial & medical instrumentation to semiconductors, sporting goods, services and software. Joe is intimately familiar with the challenges faced by start-ups, growing firms and large multi-nationals. He led dramatic turn-arounds at two scientific equipment companies prior to founding and directing four of his own successful companies.

Z/Three has a simple philosophy—Freedom Through Results, Results Through Responsibility©. Joe knows that great things can be achieved via Individual Responsibility combined with Effective Processes, Execution, Communication and Teamwork. UnCommon Sense© incorporates these important principles into a program that can be applied to upgrade any Sales organization, whether the product/service is a pure commodity or a sophisticated custom solution. Joe has developed training programs in Sales, Effective Communication, Managing for High Performance, Open-Book Management and Principle-Centered Leadership. Joe holds a BS degree in Chemical Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology, where he played two varsity sports. Joe and his wife, Julie, have three active sons -- Joey, Thomas and Alex.