Julie Barnes's Bio

The President of Small Business Exchange, Inc., Julie A. Barnes, CPA, is a serial entrepreneur who has started and managed businesses in such diverse industries as horse transportation (Louisville, Kentucky), software development (Austin, Texas), and magazine publishing (Austin, Texas). She also served as a member of the first Peace Corps contingency to include only business professionals in Russia – where she consulted for four years to small businesses and taught “capitalism” to university students. Her first love is horses, her second, helping small businesses to flourish.

After working as a senior business broker for an Austin based brokerage for a year – booking just over 60% of the firm's total, she decided to found her own brokerage - Small Business Exchange, Inc. (SBX) is the upshot.
Ms. Barnes brings a wealth of experience and professionalism to the table as a CPA, a graduate of the University of Texas in Marketing, and a veteran of many startups. She understands both the pressures of making payroll and the exhilaration of a successful sale.

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