Conley Giles's Bio

Conley Giles an experienced entrepreneur and inventrepreneur with a 25 year history of designing, developing and bringing new ideas to market. As an inventor he has patents for software, building components, packaging systems, and sporting goods.

Nova Technologies, Inc.
VP of Business Development 1984-86

Marketing and distribution of the Nova XR 5000 Stun Gun, a non-lethal self-defense tool.

Nuline, Inc.
Founder and president 1986-1993

The company developed, patented, manufactured and marketed products for the sporting goods and skiing industry including the ZOOTZ product line.
US Patent 4881803 –Sunglass Retainer

Sapelo, Inc.
Founder 1995-98

Branded and Imported premium cigars “ANDROS” from the Dominican Republic.

Founder and CEO 1998-2001
VP Biz Dev

PromoOrder partnered with PPAI (The Promotional Products Association International representing a 15 billion dollar industry) as the exclusive ecommerce application provider branded As CEO Giles patented the process and raised funding from angel investors and venture capitalist in excess of 9 million dollars.
US Patent 9784395 - Image transfer matrix

HoamFoam Alliance
Founder 2002

Giles developed and patented a dual use packaging system for the electronics, packaging, and waste management industries.

US Patent 6840372 - Uniform interlocking foam packaging system

Eco Retro Systems
Founder 2003-present

Currently developing products for the building industry including The GroHome Incremental Building System.

The School of Invention

The School of Invention is the resulting product of my life as a serial entrepreneur/inventor. The School of Invention supports independent inventors and inventrepreneurs to bring their ideas to fruition and to develop a sustainable income from their inventions.

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