Oné Musel-Gilley's Bio

Oné Musel-Gilley is the chief thought-leader at VISIBLY PR with 12 years of experience managing the national PR and marketing arms for businesses and entrepreneurs. Musel-Gilley's background includes being a private consultant and account manager for leading organizations in education, healthcare, finance, real estate, technology, philanthropy, and numerous other industries. She has also been an entertainment publicist for a motion picture film, reality TV star, and several publishers. As a successful strategy advisor, Musel-Gilley has drawn millions of dollars of high-profile attention for clients in the New York Times, USA Today, Reuters, CNN, Huffington Post, Fast Company, Forbes, Fortune, Inc, and numerous other leading media outlets. Musel-Gilley handles marketing and PR for Austin-based companies and organizations such as CommuniCard, LLC, River City Youth Foundation, AISD Leadership Development Center, and the Mexican American Center for Community Development. Musel-Gilley's background also includes handling PR for several top-tier Wall-Street financial firms and working in internal communications for a corporate entity of Raytheon. A PR/marketing graduate of TCU in the Dallas area, Musel-Gilley is the recipient of several Addy Awards and a Telly Award.

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