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Dusty Reagan is an entrepreneur, humanist, self-proclaimed “geek”, and lover of computers. He strives to add value to his community and is a proponent of the arts and local small businesses. His deepest desire is to make a substantial positive impact on society.

Born and raised in Cleburne, Texas, Dusty was resourceful and had a natural affinity for computers. Through high school, Dusty used his computer skills as a freelancer, providing design and technical support for local businesses. During his junior and senior years of high school Dusty fought a life-or-death battle against Ulcerative Colitis. Always the optimist, Dusty was thankful for the character he developed through his battle and for the insights he gained on life.

Dusty received a bachelor of science in computer science with a minor in business from Texas A&M University in 2003. After graduating, Dusty moved to Austin, where he briefly freelanced as a web developer before landing a full-time programmer position at Direct Impact, an Austin-based direct marketing agency. In early 2007, Dusty left his full-time position to create Floating Head Studios, a web application company. Also in 2007, Dusty married his then fiancée of 9 months, girlfriend of 4 years, Sharlee LaLime. Shortly afterwards, Dusty founded the Austin spinoff of “Jelly,” a community of freelancers and telecommuters who desire to work around other like-minded individuals.

Passionate about turning the typical business model on its head, Dusty is currently collaborating on the development of the co-company & coworking space Conjunctured, a member-based community of entrepreneurs and freelancers who work together under a common brand while maintaining their autonomy.

You can find Dusty at Conjunctured or any of the weekly Austin Jelly meetups.

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