Host a RISE Session to:

  • Educate aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Inspire others and foster innovation
  • Facilitate new connections
  • Contribute to Austin's entrepreneurial spirit

Why host a RISE session?

Sharing your knowledge and experience is one of the greatest gifts you can bestow on others. RISE offers the opportunity for you to connect with aspiring entrepreneurs who seek the success that you have been able to realize. Whether you provide workshops on fundamental business elements, tell stories of your journey or create a new way to share information, we welcome you to participate.

What do I need to do to host a RISE Session?

All you need to do is select a topic for your session and designate a location where you can comfortably accommodate up to 20 entrepreneurs. If you need help finding a space, RISE will secure meeting space for you. RISE will take care of all marketing and administrative duties from promoting the event to ensuring a smooth online registration for your participants. One week prior to the session, you will receive confirmation of the number of registrants, information on the expectations of the attendees (what they expect to get from the session) as well as supportive materials.

What format should I use?

You may structure your RISE session any way that you like. Anything from a formal presentation to an informal discussion is welcome. Based on feedback from last year, attendees appreciated a quick introduction to each other in the beginning of a session and also enjoyed when time was allotted for discussion and Q&A. We encourage all RISE session hosts to be creative in their sessions to promote maximum information exchange and relationship building.

Are there any rules?

Following are some guidelines to help ensure that RISE sessions are enjoyable, productive and maximize value for hosts and attendees:

  • Share your experience and expertise in order to create value for all attendees
  • Encourage meaningful dialogue and questions
  • Interact with other RISE session attendees in order to expand your network
  • Host your session with the mindset to sell something
  • Encourage attendees that have not registered via the RISE Web site (One of the key benefits of RISE session is a close-knit group with a maximum of 20 people.)

Let's get started.